At the movies



Just come home from Black Panther.

I really liked it. Not as good as Winter Soldier. But one of the better Marvel movies.

It felt like a different tone to all the other Marvel movies, as it captured a lot of social & political issues, without the guilt or shame.


The best Marvel villains so far have come from the Netflix TV shows.


The local film society’s offering tonight was the Melbourne movie Ali’s Wedding.

Ali is the son of Iraqis who’ve escaped the carnage and come to Melbourne where Ali’s dad, played by Don Hany, is the sheikh at the local mosque and a kind, decent man he is too.

They have dreams that he will become a doctor, and he tells the lie that he passed the entrance exam to Melbourne Uni. They all embrace Melbourne life though and are keen Essendon fans.

They also try to arrange a wedding for him, but he loves another girl, an Australian-born Lebanese girl played by Helana Samires, who is gorgeous and steals every scene she’s in.

Really good-humoured film that could at times be said to be making fun of differences between Muslims and Australians. It’s pretty much the story of Osamah Sali’s life. Hghly recommend.

I was surprised to see Don Hany in it as he’s quite a prominent actor, being in that mini-series about Bernie Banton and asbestos, and the Peter Temple movie Broken Shore, which was largely filmed in this neck of the woods. Maybe he is of Middle Eastern extraction. All the rest of the cast were Australian Muslims.


he has gotten into directing.


Saw Black panther the other night, it was a movie.


Just got around to watching Ragnarok.

Wasn’t expecting to enjoy it but did thoroughly.

The director is quite a talent.


Yep, a brilliant comedy.


In view of the impending Oscars, Foxtel are showing Best Picture winners. I’ve recorded a few (15 or so).

I’ve watched Schindler’s List, Mrs Miniver, Chariots of Fire and two I hadn’t seen before and wouldn’t hesitate to put both in my top 50,and one in the top 10.

Top 50 would be The Apartment, which I’d thought was a comedy and is far, far from a comedy. Stars Jack Lemmon as an insurance hack who has an apartment in the West 60’s. he’s prevailed upon by senior guys to allow them to spend an hour or two with a floozie. Also stars a very young Shirley Maclaine and a caddish Fred McMurray.

The one last night was The Best Years of Our Lives, which ran up against It’s a Wonderful Life. This one was about 3 guys meeting for the first time to fly home to their town in Iowa. The oldest, an army sergeant played by Fredric March, is a banker with a wife, played by Myrna Loy and an adult daughter played by Teresa Wright. Dana Andrews was a USAF bomb-aimer returning to his wife, Virginia Mayo, a good-time singer. And the unknown Harold Russell is a sailor who’s lost both hands (fair dinkum) and is worried that his girlfriend is going to be burdened by him.

Won’t say much more but if you want a good movie, get this one. Fredric March won best actor and Harold Russell best supporting actor. Teresa Wright, who had the best female role, didn’t get nominated, after her first three, she was nominated 3 times, winning one in Mrs Miniver. Then she made and carried Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt and then this one…in her first six roles.


The Apartment is a all time great.

I’m curious about the remainder of your top ten Noonan.


I’d have a go at top 25. Top 10 is far too restrictive.


There are no rules when it comes to top tens.

Mine changes every ten minutes.


I watch The Apartment whenever it’s on. I disagree with you about it not being a comedy; I think it very definitely is, but at the same time it has a real edge to it. It’s a Billy Wilder film, and he made some of the very best. I’ve always found Jack Lemmon a really irritating actor, but he did make some great films and he nails it in this one. And Shirley MacLaine is always a cutie.

Another great Jack Lemmon movie that’s never seen is Save the Tiger.

I’ve only seen Best Years of our Lives once, but I agree, it’s great.


I liked 3 billboards. Had a real fargo feel to it


But more swearing and fewer Dakotas accents.


Did enjoy lady bird. Took me back to being young


Twelve Years a Slave was last night’s Oscar winner.

Yeah, nah!

How those slave owners could call themselves Christian and read from the “Good Book” (ha, ha), while mistreating their slaves make you understand the unmitigated hypocrisy prevalent among American “Christians” today.

Interesting performances from Cumberbatch, Giamatti and Fassbender. Interesting!


The Ritual.

Basically a Blair Witch/The Witch/Wicker Man mash up. 4 mates go hiking to scatter their mates’ ashes, they take a short cut through a Norway forest and yeah…

I’d say the movie is great at building tension and the movie only really drops when they show too much of the monster towards right at the end, because up until that point it was great. I think they made the mistake of thinking they had to show the monster (which was cool). Up until that point you’d only see very occasional glimpses behind trees and moving the trees. Anyway, pretty good but could have been memorable if they’d stuck the ending.


Agree re The Best Years of Lives, great movie. Saw it about 10 years ago, will do a search on Foxtel to see if it’s on again.

Would love to watch again.


You’re one of the few horror fans here along with me - any chance of posting some of your favourites? Been hoping you would post in the best films list.