At the movies


Prepare yourselves for more of the same, in other words, another blood flood.


Some of you guys may be interested in this site:


Does it only cater for superhero movies? If not, there’ll be no interest here.


I don’t believe there are any superhero movies listed.
Many foreign films though, and particulary some directors you are keen on.


Went and saw the new J-Law fillum today, Red Sparrow.

She plays a Russian ballerina forced out by an awful accident and ends up being recruited as a “sparrow”, or Russian agent. She ends up in Budapest dealing with Joel Egerton, playing a CIA agent who has close dealings with a Russian mole. Lots of cross, double-cross, triple-double-cross with one and a half pike.

Also stars Jeremy Irons, Ciarán Hinds, Charlotte Rampling. Mary Louise Parker.

Lots of gratuitous violence and torture and a bit of flesh bared by J-Law…don’t recall her doing that before, except, of course, with the Fappening, the hack of cloud photos, 2 or 3 years back.

Not sure when it was set…Putin times, I suppose, but they were using 3.5" disks and not modern phones, so 2000 maybe. Hard to tell from Moscow or Budapest. Cities under Soviet rule just look functional.


Is it good?


I can’t imagine it being better than the Korean take on it.

Edit: the villainess if you’re interested.


I liked it but not that much. I could see it getting a lot of criticism for the torture and violence, not that that particularly worries me.

I just wonder if the whole theme is a bit dated, unless you’re setting during the Cold War.

6 to 6.5 out of 10

And particularly now the White House and the Kremlin are such buddies.


I’ve never found Jennifer Lawrence to be that memorable. I’m kind of surprised that she is arguably the industry’s number one female lead.


I think she has a great breadth and versatility. She can play characters 10-15 years older than her real age.


Yep, Winter’s Bone is her best film still but she has done other great work.

It’s easy to forget that she’s still only 27 yo and already has a solid resume.


The book was published in 2013, and definitely had a contemporary setting. Putin himself features in the sequel. Written by an ex-CIA field agent. The book is very enjoyable, but I have doubts about how it would translate that have not been eased by reviews.


The movie was enjoyable but the leads lacked chemistry. I think the backstory would have helped to understand the dynamic between the leads, but given the length of the movie already couldn’t be incorporated.


Going through the Oscar winners so far this could be the weakest field in Oscar history.

No classics among them.


She was pretty good in The Fappening. Not much of a plot and virtually no character development, but her performance was top shelf.


aware and in touch with the times, great comment


Kate Upton was pretty good in that too.


Roger Deakins finally wins his first Oscar(cinematography) after 14 nominations.

One of the greatest of all time.


If she can laugh about it then I kind of think it’s okay.
I’m sure she appreciates your white knighting/virtue signalling though.


yeah righto wheres Jenifer Lawrence laughing about it? please provide me a link.

honestly i dont even care enough about the whole thing to ‘white knight’ for the cause, but the comment smacked me in the face as being quite cringey, so a sarcastic remark ensued

a bit ott from your end.