At the movies


From my end?
You don’t even care enough to white knight for a Hollywood star who’s over it?

Check out JLaw insults.


what on earth are you on about? seriously


uhhh…that post you made?
Remember that?


man every second post of yours is just trying to start an argument with someone.


Ah jeez, forget it you two. It was a poor-taste attempted joke on my behalf. I apologise to JLaw unreservedly if she reads this.


Some people just get upset way too easily

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I watched The Shape of Water this evening.
I was initially attracted to watching the film because of the beautiful cinematography and art treatment I saw in trailers. I’m a sucker for the ~1950’s era. Lozenges and curves, inspiring cars, and so on.

So the movie - well, I loved it.
To me, this is a story about misfits in life - people who feel they have no real place - and are trapped between defiantly swimming upstream, and the strong call to be like others. Good performances by most of the cast. Good music score. Brilliant lighting.



Surely it’s only an 8.6




Thanks Deckham, hoping to see it in the next week or so.

Finally watched The Book Theif today, very good movie, made me :cry:toward the end.


Stuck in a hotel room in Adelaide last week with a crook wife, watched Predator, Universal Soldier & Running Man back to back.

2 x Arnie, 2 x Dolf Lundgren 1 x Jean-Claude Van Damme just awesome 90’s action movies. While I say that a bit tongue in cheek, Predator actually stands up pretty well if you don’t look too close.

Also watched Logan, X-men lost me a bit a while ago but really enjoyed it


Predator is an outright classic and is amongst the best action films ever made.

Running Man is also a solid movie.

Cyborg is better than Universal Soldier in my opinion.


Predator was before it’s time. Technology still holds up today.


The Director (John McTiernan) in my opinion is responsible for two of the best action films ever made. The other being Die hard!

He’s been released from prison in the last few years and is currently working on a new movie.

Will be interesting what effect incarceration has had on him :grinning:


Agreed. Benefits greatly from an absolute knock out score too. The director peaked with predator and die hard


What he go to jail for?


Huh he directed The Hunt for the Red October as well, top movie. That’s got to be some sort of all time roll of movies Directed in a row


Wiretapping a producer of a film and other surveillance charges.

According to the information it was a completely heavy handed penalty but apparently he wasn’t too cooperative😊