At the movies


Sicario should be #2


I would have No Country For Old Men at 2 with Sicario 3


Would you classify Drive as a crime thriller, not sure.

Where the hell is Se7en on that list?

History of Crime was garbage.

No Country for Old Men was ok because of the villain, the rest was boring

Road to Perdition is fantastic, should of been higher.

Saw the American remake of Oldboy which sucked, is the original any better?


A few of them I haven’t seen. I don’t, and won’t, watch Asian films. All the ones I’ve seen I absolutely hated.

So many movies from the 40s-60s not in there, so much noir…and Hitchcock.

Wonder why LA Confidental didn’t make it, and I’d have Mystic River higher.


I would have the original Oldboy as one of the best films of the past 20 years.


Um read the title again.

21st century


You have too many rules to be a true lover of film.

Asian cinema has produced some incredible films in the last couple of decades


Traffic and zodiac don’t deserve to be higher than a lot of the others. Cracking list though.


Agree in Traffic.

Zodiac is excellent though


Zodiac is a great film, just not genre defining like some of the others.

Robert Downey Jr is excellent in it. I wish he would do more meaty roles. Between Sherlock Holmes and the dozen or so Iron Man appearances he’s really not done much drama since.


The narrative structure of Zodiac was genre defining.


Y[quote=“The_Ant, post:6858, topic:94, full:true”]
I didn’t get it.

So as good as it looked and was acted if you can’t underatand what’s going on then it’s poorly directed.




Oh my.


The twist is that hes actually plastic.




“Does a happy dance” looks even better than I had hoped!!!

Haven’t been this excited for a film since Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises

Can’t wait!


Everytime I watch GoldenEye, the more I am convinced the Bond franchise peaked with it.

It’s close to perfect.


Just watched Nightcrawler- great film in every way


Every single time I see him jump off that dam at the start I get a sick feeling in my stomach.

Along with casino Royale, my favourite bond film

Awesome villain too