At the movies


For mother England, James.





Shazam looks like a shoe in for best DCU movie so far, by a huge margin.

Aquaman looks as ordinary as the rest of the DCU.

Godzilla is the Friday Night Lights / Silicon Valley / Stranger Things / GoT crossover universe I’ve been waiting for. So many TV actors in that.



Godzilla king of monsters looks awful, but im 100% in.


Comicon popped off for trailers.

also fantastic beasts 2.


Shazam! :ok_hand:


Chuck learnt how to fly!


yvonne strahovski sidekick?


Shazam looks like it has quite a bit of potential

Aquaman looks really really average. Amber Heard in skintight latex…ok maybe I will check it out

Godzilla looks absolutely rubbish. They are just doing this to set up Godzilla v.s King Kong


I signed up for an annual pass from a company called Sinemia a few months back. Forked out $120 and it promised 2 adult tickets every 30 days for a year. Thought it was probably a scam. Tried it out today and it actually worked. $5 movies - no limititations in when you go - e.g Sat nights ok.



That is just brilliant!

He describes just about everyone that posts on Blitz and people that are aged in their forties and above that are just miserable about life.

Best piece of insight anyone could ever be given about themselves by another person.


Noonan takes exception to this film critic.


First one was great.
Better than the Broderick farce.


I’d thought this review was directed at others.

My main grizzle is about people who carry on as if every CGI-driven superficial superhero movie is the greatest film ever. I think they’re pretty much all the same. And Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler or Sacha Baron Cohen films. They’re ■■■■.

And just about every film I’ve seen this year has been very much in a light-hearted vein. Admittedly a fair whack of them are European films.


Will Ferrell is still ■■■■ funny but Adam sander just doesn’t care any more. His fans will line up to watch any dribble.
Has anyone watched rampage yet and how much of my brain should I leave st the door.


I just signed up for MoviePass here in the US. US$10 per month and you can go see a movie every day! No additional $ needed.