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Do you also like Sam Lane?


I am a troubled soul


that sounds like a yes


Watched the latest version of ‘IT’ on the plane last week.

Genuine spine tingling moments in sections. But probably not for everyone. The ending is pretty surreal, as it is in the book.

Would not Reccommend for anyone viewing by kids.


Pansexual frenzy


I picked up a few old movies when I was in Melbourne last week. Old French and Italian movies, Children of Paradise, Buñuel’s The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Vittorio di Sica’s Bicycle Thieves and a pack of 8 Truffauts.

I watched Bicycle Thieves last night (Ladri di Biciclette for all you Mediterranean types) and it was an incredibly moving film. For those not familiar, it’s set in post-war Rome when jobs are difficult to find.

A father has the opportunity for a job as a bill-poster but to do it, he needs a bicycle. His wife pawns her dowry bedlinen to raise money to buy it, but shortly after, it’s stolen. The movie covers the man and his young son, Bruno, looking everywhere to find it. Doesn’t sounds like much, the video is grainy and probably 40% of the dialogue is subtitled, but you know what Italians are like…watch their hands to discover their emotions…but the whole story, and in particular the ending, is very moving.

It has been rated in the best 5 movies ever made…no CGI, grainy monochrome, no superheroes but a great way to spend 90 minutes.

I’d always had this massive gap in my cinematic experience, which I intend to rectify.


Wasn’t there a thread created for avante gaurde/subtitled/arty stuff


This was avant tous, not avant garde.

Made in 1948, but I see what you mean. After all, I created that thread.


Is avante garde your more abstract stuff


l bought Bicycle Thieves about 10 years ago, and yes it is a classic film, with a plot about a family struggling to survive and how so much hinged on something we would consider so trivial.

Children of Paradise is spectacular, and one of my all time fave (French) films. Superb throughout.


I would think avant garde is people trying hard to be different, to be ahead of the curve.

The French fifties films would definitely fit that standard.

This one is just a simple tale told sparingly.

I wrote avant tous as ‘before everything’, being a 1948 European movie.


Pardon me for wanking on a public website, but “Children of Paradise” is a rotten translation of the French title, “Les enfants du paradis”. “Paradis” (paradise) is the familiar name given to the top level seats in a theatre. In English the familiar term is “the gods”. So the French title has a double meaning, viz., children of paradise and patrons in the upper circle (traditionally thought of as working class because they’re the cheapest seats), which is lost in English if it’s translated as “Children of Paradise “. It should be translated as “Children of the Gods”, which would carry the identical double meaning.

I’ve got the Criterion version but the soundtrack is very harsh — the images have been beautifully restored but not the sound. Pity. It’s one of the truly great films of all time.

Wank over


While we’re there, Italian title was Ladri Di Biciclette, which means Bicycle Thieves, but there was only one thief…sorry…spoiler.

Original English title was The Bicycle Thief, the Seppos changed it to the plural.


I wish I was more cultured.


Tried Yakult?


You don’t need to be cultured. I hate “cultured” films too. You just need to not mind watching subtitles.

Some boring as batshit films out there. What you need to learn is how to read reviews. You quickly learn what sort of stuff bores you to tears.




I’ve watched some Korean movie about this monster that jumps out of a river in Seoul before that had subtitles- that was ok but I think it just showed the theme of movies I enjoy rather than it just being a foreign film.

When I first met my mrs we used to go to film society and saw some really good ones like the wind in the barley or something and another one about bobby Kennedy. That was about as eclectic my taste had ever got.

I fact I’ve digressed and think night at the Roxbury and anchorman are gems, movies I think you or someone else on here despise. I thought taste was supposed to regine as you matured. Put it this way, if we ever went to the movies together we’d be in different cinemas. Which I have done with people before based on my preferences.


I hated Night at the Roxbury…never watched Anchorman.

I draw a line through Captain Jack…if he loves a film, I probably won’t.


The Korean film is called The Host.

Watch any film by the same director and you won’t regret it.

In particular Memories of Murder or Mother.

He would be top 5 directors getting around.