At the movies


I haven’t heard this before. It took about 3 bars before I was like ah, Zimmer. I love him but the is a certain sameness to some of his “epic” theme which he has slowly been refining over 20 or 30 years. That’s not to say there isn’t breadth to his catalogue though.


I thought she said she’d been in Paris…and anyway she was Slovenian, not Hungarian.

I remember sitting next to an Italian kid at school and he definitely did not smell pleasant…not like Anglo kids. I assumed he was farting all day, but I now assume it was the garlic. We were just totally unfamiliar with the aroma. Spaghetti Bolognaise came out of a can and was served on toast.

I used to say that when I was at school, your name probably either started with an O or ended with one. Either Irish or Italian. More Central Europeans in later years as they got away from Bacchusfox’s lads.



I hope that’s not the makeup that they end up going with in the end

I think Phoenix will do a great job as the joker though


Before I watch it is this one of those poxy fan trailers




Big fan of Joaquin


makeup looks awesome, much better than Jared Leto



Can’t wait for that fleck




Days of Thunder




Please be good


I really enjoyed the first one. Thought Stallone was very good, and he looks good here, also.
One thing that always gets me with fight movies - there is such a thing as ‘weight class’ for a reason…


First one was fantastic, Stallone brought his A game too. Really looking forward to this


I’m running parallels with the original trajectory of the plots for the rocky movies; first one was beautifully crafted, thereafter the scripts gets more ridiculous and cheesey which to me thinks Stallone did it to bring in the masses. Same with Rambo.
Now he’s got son vs son. With Ivan turning up.
Please don’t let it be that kind of movie. Please be good.


I saw A Simple Favour the other night. I always like Anna Kendrick movies (except for that Pitch Perfect shite - cannot be pharqued watching a second of that).

Anna plays Stephanie, a vlogger about all mum-related tasks with no real friends. Her husband died in a car crash, together with her brother. Blake Lively is the ultra-cool, high-achieving, hard-drinking mum of her son’s friend. Blake goes missing and the story, in an extremely non-Gothic Stepford Wives type of setting, goes ultra-Gothic. I half expected Mrs Danvers or Miss Havisham to appear.

Quite enjoyable, with two very watchable female stars who carried the movie.


I re-watched Sunday B.loody Sunday the other day, having recorded it from Fox Classics. For those who don’t know, it was made by John Schlesinger, a great English director (Midnight Cowboy, Marathon Man), and stars Peter Finch (Anglo-Australian) and Glenda Jackson (English), both truly great actors, as well as Murray Head, who was good in this film but didn’t do much else.

It’s a love triangle, but the love object is Murray Head, playing a bisexual rather gimmicky artist, and his competing lovers are Finch, playing a Jewish doctor, and Glenda Jackson, a recruitment consultant and daughter of a wealthy banker. All the characters are from the educated upper middle class and they behave accordingly. It’s an extraordinarily intelligent screenplay by Penelope Gilliat, and the actors do it full justice. It’s not a plot-driven film, but a portrait of three decent, intelligent people trying to make the best of a difficult situation of which they are all fully aware.

I hate it when someone asks what I consider are the 5 best films I’ve seen, but if I ever had to answer that question this would be a contender.


I’ve got strange feelings towards Anna Kendrick. It’s not lust, it’s not emotional, it’s not intellectual but I definitely want her to come home and meet my mother.