At the movies


Not a bad flick, that one.
Though I’ve never really likes Susan Sarandon. Possibly because she looks so much like my sister.


She’s never got to me either. Catherine Deneuve, on the other hand, has. And the scene between the two of them…


Hunh? l have never watched Night at the Roxbury and only snippets of Anchorman which was too much. Prepare not to like/watch Children of the Paradise then. Probably too late.

I will watch almost anything, although l find horror movies, too silly for words, and usually give them a miss, although my wife loves a cheap thrill, and that is probably why she married me.


Just do not understand that genre atttttt all

If I want to feel shi*ty, I will run up the MCG stairs instead


I’m watching solo by myself today. Day off.
Short review anyone. I generally don’t like Star Wars


l did a short review of it a few months ago, somewhere in here. l liked it.


I quite liked Hannibal. That’s a very sophisticated horror film, and done by Ridley Scott, who knows how not to lay it on too thick. But generally I agree: horror films are usually too stupid to watch.


The original Alien, also by Ridley Scott, was as much horror as it was sci-fi. That is as close as l get to the genre, and at the time it was unexpected. Perhaps that is why it worked.


I struggle to classify alien, predator, Venom etc sci fi as horror. Sci fi is scary in places but space aliens are from this realm (if you know what I mean) and provide more impending doom for some and eventually get done by the hero.

All horror movies are these days are that everyone meets a sticky end by Satan or some of his buddies and you’re left thinking that’s pretty fkd up. And I need fresh undies.


First Alien I would say is horror. Suffocation, things growing in you, being stuck in dark tunnels with a monster in the general vicinity.


As with many things, it’s impossible to draw clear boundaries and say this side is horror, that side is not. But I think Hannibal, with the good doctor flipping open the bad guy’s skull, cutting out pieces of his brain, then frying them and giving them to the bad guy to eat, which he does with relish, is genuinely a horror film. Not to mention another bad guy being torn to pieces by wild boars, or the good guy who’s not as smart as he thinks he is being hung and disembowelled in the Italian palace.


Qantas has them on inflight entertainment as a box set at the moment. Loving it.

The last couple get quite religious though, which I’m kind of opposed to, but hey, at least the storyline evolves theoughout.

The one set on the prison planet is a bit ■■■■ though.


The production problems for Alien 3 are pretty legendary.


Aliens 3 has moments of brilliance, but the rest meh. The fact that it took a dump on the characters of Aliens 2 right at the start didn’t help it’s cause either. Supposedly the higher ups didn’t help Fincher at all, and might of undercut him as well.

Then again, Prometheus and it’s sequel were easily the worst of the bunch.

At least the awful time fincher had on Aliens drove him to make se7en


I found this a pretty interesting take.
Y’know, for 11:30pm on a Wednesday night at work.


Venom getting hammered by most critics and reviewers. Some have called it catwoman levels of bad, surely not!


Oh my


Don’t say that, my wife just booked Gold Class tickets. That’s $100 down the gurgler unless it’s incredibly farkin bad in which case I’ll really get a laugh out of it.


There is no way it could ever be as bad as Catwoman, I don’t think anything could


Catwoman had to be very bad to overcome the hotness of the lead actress and destroy a perfectly set up story not to mention that insane outfit. It achieved that and more; such a rubbish movie.