At the movies


Almost brings a tear of empathy to the eye…


If it keeps you up well after you watched the movie…you can’t sleep. That’s horror.
If you keep having recurring memories of danger Will Robinson danger its Sci-fi.


Try Young and Dangerous its good about Triad gangs
For biffo muya thai Ong Bak


Last film I thought you would have liked. A lot of people panned it as I think they unfairly compared it to silence of the lambs and thought it had far too much violence. I didn’t mind it myself, the disembowelling scene was quite gruesome.


They were brilliant in their day.
I had read the book first, and was just as enthralled.


Cast is sensational. Rockwell is in my top 10 actors. Fugginell, Bale looks good.




I really liked The Big Short.
I’m not sure if it’s a great thing to be laughing while you’re appalled, but it kinda works.



Apparently venom is total pus.


You know that thing you like?
Here’s why it sucks.

And the track he played from Man of Steel at his concerts was friggin’ awesome.
I don’t know if it fit the film or not, never seen it, but the track itself was killer.

Edit: And I almost gumbed when Lisa Gerrard came out to sing. One of my favourite gigs.


Wow, So jealous, totally missed him touring here.

I like the man of steel score too and liked that it wasn’t John Williams (without wanting to deny the brilliance of Williams’s superman theme)


His score from Batman begins was actually all through my dreams last night so woke up with this on my mind and have been listening to Batman begins all morning at work. So so good and significantly superior to the rest of the Batman trilogy imo notwithstanding that the joker theme was an amazingly novel piece of composition


The docking sequence in interstellar is one of my favourite Zimmer moments.


What a piece. That organ.


That’s what she said


Hans zimmer is the best of all time imo. John Williams comes second


No love for Dimitri Tiomkin?


only seen 2 of the movies he has scored- Strangers on a Train and Mr Smith goes to Washington so can’t make to much of a judgement


I Like the work of John Powell in the Bourne movie