At the movies


Same here. I watched it with my superhero obsessed 8 yo son.

Even he thought it was ■■■■.


Day off and a beautiful one at that. So why not waste it inside with a movie.

The departed is awesome. Every one swears and kills. It’s going to age well.


You misspelled Deadwood, ■■■■ sucker.


That’s the computer genius/evil computer one right?


Deadwood is high up on my list of all-time, as is The Wire and a few others. But for me, the one that had me transfixed the most, was the last BattleStar Galactica.


bohemian rhapsody

Favourite movie for the year absolutely loved it go see it.


So great, sick of hearing people go on about how its not the real story…Its not a doco…its a ■■■■■■ celebration!


If you don’t have goosebumps during the Live Aid concert, you’re dead inside…even if some of the timelines don’t match up.



Yeah, whatever!


I enjoyed it for what it was, highly entertaining.

Only posted if people want some time lines and a bit of info.



I don’t think Richard Pryor had a script. They just fed him some blow and filmed what happened next.


Agree if there are people who want to know about Freddie’s party life and struggles with aids there is a documentary on you tube called “The Freddie Mercury Story Who wants to live for ever”


I liked the film a lot more at the time than I did the next day.
The whole thing is a fantasy.


Were you caught in a landslide?


No escaping reality, man.


Nothing compared to The Rose.

Found it quite tame.



In the movie was:

  • Rami Malek
  • Lots of Queen music

How anyone could conclude it’s a bad movie given it had those two things is beyond me


It’s very enjoyable.
And quite silly.
Which is great in a Python movie, it’s a bit weird in a biopic.