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Yeah, cause I didn’t expect a movie about a band who sang “I see a little silhouetto of a man - Scaramouche Scaramouche - will you do the Fandango” to be silly at all!


Actually, the Spice Girls movie was a bit like that, and that was really good.


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Actually, the Spice Girls movie was a bit like that, and that was really good.

Wimmera is clearly going through a bad time right now…this is clearly a call for help


Not even sorry.


Ha! Mike Myers’ character in Bohemian Rhapsody was pretty funny. Loved the Wayne’s World reference about how kids would never listen to Bohemian Rhapsody in their cars and bang their heads to it :slight_smile:


That shot at the end…just sitting quietly alone hahahahhaha


It was very funny.
And absolutely nothing about it was true.
Queen were still with EMI at the time.
In fact,

“Many of you will have read bits and pieces on the internet about Queen changing record companies and so I wanted to confirm to you that the band have signed a new contract with Universal Music…we would like to thank the EMI team for all their hard work over the years, the many successes and the fond memories, and of course we look forward to continuing to work with EMI Music Publishing who take care of our songwriting affairs. Next year we start working with our new record company to celebrate Queen’s 40th anniversary and we will be announcing full details of the plans over the next 3 months. As Brian has already said Queen’s next moves will involve 'studio work, computers and live work.”

—Jim_Beach, Queen’s Manager, on the change of record label. 2010.


Biopic takes some liberties with the truth. Never happened before!

I just had a look on Rotten Tomatoes.

62% critic score
93% audience score

The lesson of this is: critics and those who overanalyse movies suuuuuuck


It’s really not ‘some liberties.’
Again, Spice World is more accurate.


It’s your run of the mill music biopic with an awesome soundtrack.



The Girl in the Spider’s Web. 2018 117 min Directed by Fede Alvarez. 6 / 10
Loosely based on the characters in the Milllenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson. The original 3 movies Naomi Rapace were superb movies, in Swedish! The first Hollywood remade the Dragon Tattoo with Daniel Craig, took the original story and smoothed it out a little, losing something along the way. The studios have skipped the other two parts of the trilogy deciding to jump to book 4 written by David Largercrantz. In the process Lisbeth jumps from edgy, neo nerd hacker to full blown action heroine on steroids, it is a jump too far. Instead of her character development we get action, action and more action. As a result the movie looks smart, but lacks character interest. Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander doesn’t really help, with plenty of blank stares. There are some neat twists along the way, but the plot is totally implausible, whereas the original trilogy was spell binding in many places. Hollywood had great source material her, and thye have reduced it to formulaic stuff. A real pity.


Agree, in this case the lesson is very correct. I had heard the critics say the film glossed over Mercury’s homosexuality. Saw the movie today and no idea how they can suggest his homosexuality was glossed over. It was clearly dealt with. Not sure what they needed to see to make it clearer. Plus it was a film about QUEEN. It was not theFreddie Mercury movie.

Agree with previous comments about the acting and the music. It was very well done. And how friggin good was that band - wrote some brilliant rock songs and anthems!!! Mercury’s voice and presence is amazing.

As for liberties of timelines and facts - yeah I wish the movie industry could be more truthful when doing biopics, but it’s not a doco and you have to accept there will be some poetic licence. For this movie the overall gist of their story was there.


Watched den of thieves last night. It was bluddy good. I didn’t read any reviews before hand so was surprised to find it rated poor to middling at best.

Gerard Butler was awesome as the bad/good cop with a heart of gold. Heap of other actors I’d never heard of except for 50 cent, who gave a performance worthy of his moniker.

Superb use of prostitute girlfriend by the antagonist also.


I used to read lots of reviews of movies and treat them as gospel but I don’t do that any more. Reason being - I think the views of critics are massively skewed towards being negative and overanalysing things.

Hell, if I had to watch movies for a living and then write a little essay, day after day after day, I would hate movies too.

My only test for whether I liked a movie now is: did I enjoy the movie - yes or no?

That might mean that I like a movie that’s a critical darling like Gattaca or Network or a Beautiful Mind (because they are all smart, interesting movies) or it might mean I like a supremely dumb movie like San Andreas because I thought it was cool how the Rock flew that helicopter.


I agree with you. I rate films purely on how much I enjoy them. If I enjoy a film a lot I try to think of what it was about it that made me enjoy it, and if I disliked I try to work out what I actually disliked. Film critics of the “intellectual” type seem to me to think of whether or not they ought to like a film rather than whether they actually do like it. I think the most helpful reviews are those in non-intellectual papers or websites, because their primary consideration is usually enjoyability.


That’s normally a fairly foolproof test that.

I do the same, the only way I know if I liked a Movie or not, is if I did or I didn’t.


I enjoyed the film a lot.
I’ve been listening to a Lot of Queen since I saw it, and I’ve enjoyed that, too.

I only became a little annoyed with it the next day, when a few things didn’t make sense.
And then I became quite a bit more annoyed with it when I discovered virtually everything in the film was a lie, some of the lies to no benefit whatsoever.

I don’t think I’d enjoy watching it again at all.


I think Wim certainly has the right disposition to be an excellent film critic.


Just watched drive, again without checking reviews first.

Glad i didn’t watch it was mates, I fell apart like an Amart lounge suite