At the movies


Hardy is getting there, cruise nowhere near either of them. Get a grip KM



mmph, … now you’re just trolling, right?


Hanks is an arseclown.

Come on guys lets be honest.

I have seen him compared to a modern day james Stewart.








I am sorry if I offended anyone but he is the very epitome of an Oscar Bait filmmaker.

He makes sympathetic films with the intention of trying to win awards.

I’m sorry but it needed to be said.


I’m kind of with KM here. He’s very capable and has broad appeal, but he’s not Olivier. And Forrest Gump is a terrible bunch of shart.


He makes entertaining films. i’m not disputing that.

but they talk him up as a modern great and he’s not.


This isn’t Tom Hanks…just making sure you know PARISH%20Darcy%20updated


dont apologise.

he cant act his way out of a paper bag with a torch and a guide dog.



Tom Hanks could learn a thing or two from this old codger.


Cretins to the left of me
Cretins to the right of me…


I don’t like much of his movies but that’s their story over anything he’s done.


It’s funny becuase that’s exactly how I see Daniel day Lewis,Sean Penn and Streep

Sean penn is one of the most overrated actors of all time


Ok, seriously - you’ve crossed the line now.


Agree with you on Sean Penn, he is a good actor but only seen one movie with him where he was very very good, Milk.



Agree with you on Sean Penn.

Daniel Day-Lewis strikes me as more than tad too intense, much like Christian Bale.