At the movies


Daniel day lewis overacts more than a kid caught in a lie.


Hmmm. DDL inhabits the character, however diverse, however repulsive and mannered, where Hanks, with the odd exception, is basically Tom Hanks. It’s not a huge knock because he’s got a goofy and, subjectively, likeable persona but like so many big A Listers he’s just a version of himself in nearly every role.


I reckon method is a load of wank, don’t need to be a ■■■■ to be a character.


You don’t watch enough movies, do you? You’re meant to cut out the eyes! :wink:


Sean Penn in Carlitos way is one of my favourite performances of all time.

And I acknowledge Hanks loves a good biographic/ based on real life tear jerker, but that doesn’t undermine the quality of the performance itself.


Falcon and the Snowman was when I first saw his talent.


There’s a reason Hanks is so bankable, he doesn’t play hard roles but not many can play the role he does. He’s not a hero, a villain, or sex symbol, he’s not comedic relief. He just plays the honest ordinary man. Which most lead roles are not.

Hanks has a limited range, he knows it, but has been very successful playing that range.


How could anyone personally dislike Tom Hanks? Aside from his acting what has he ever actually done, one way or another? No-one really knows anything much about his personal life


He’s the devil


There’s been a river of stupid flowing through here today.

A good reminder to take anything posted with a very large grain.


Any questions?


Can’t agree with you there.

To be fair most awards are rubbish now anyway.


Only “now”?



Should I be scared?


I think it comes down to their respective choices in movies.

Tom Hanks plays the All America cans roles and DDL likes more character driven artsy movies.

Tom Hanks should have stuck to comedy.


Works for some people. This may turn into another Art vs Entertainment ordeal so I won’t go further, just to say Hanks is probably your airport novel to Lewis’ more cerebral fare. Say your James Patterson to Cormac McCarthy. Both have their virtues.


The razzies generally get it right


I usually miss the contenders, so I’ll have to take their word for it


I reckon he’s got range and he can certainly move you if the material is strong, but I agree re choices. Philadelphia was a brave movie to make at the time.


How many farkin days are you cats going to spend discussing Tom Hanks? Jeepers