At the movies


I enjoyed Endgame, don’t think they could have ended it any better than they did.

Infinity War is comfortably the best Marvel movie though, that is endlessly rewatchable.


Just finished watching Tombstone on kodi.

First time I have seen it and wasn’t expecting it to be so good.

Old school western with great characterisation and awesome dialogue.

Great cast with Kurt Russell perfectly cast as Wyatt Earp and the always awesome Sam Elliot and Powers Boothe. As good as they are Val Kilmers depiction of Doc Holliday steals every scene.

A classic modern western 8/10


l saw it 20 or so years ago in Bangkok. The local print must have been heavily edited, as parts of the story/character lines were disjointed, and effected my opinion then. l would need to see it again, before commenting. A good comparison would be the Costner version of Wyatt Earp, which had a huge amount of research put into it.


This looks very interesting


That’s going on the watchlist for sure.

Visually that looks amazing!

Yimou Zhang is a class director.


Yep, one of Kilmer’s best performances in my opinion.


Not sure why Kilmer didn’t become a bigger actor than he was.

Tombstone, Heat and his portrayal of Jim Morrison are all top shelf.


I think his all time best character was Nick Rivers


I haven’'t seen that one.

Just had a look at it on IMDB and I find it difficult imagining him in a comedy because he is usually so intense.

Will try and track it down.


Natural comic timing. Top Secret is genius


Love it.


It has an epic cast.

I loved the scene where wyatt earp runs Billy Bob Thorntons character out of the casino without ever having to unholster his gun.

So many good scenes.


Mate I deadset know that movie off by heart. In my top four or five faves.


I’m in my prime.
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If everybody had a 12 gauge
And a surfboard too…


“Why Ike, whatever do you mean?!”


completely off topic, but how the hell does Rebel Wilson keep on getting roles in movies?


It beats the ■■■■ out of me what her appeal is supposed to be. She’s not funny and she can’t act, so what exactly is it that she brings to the table?


Watched a few movies lately

Bohemian Rhapsody- pretty entertaining. Never really knew much about queen. No idea how accurate the film is but the film did seem like an almost family friendly version. Would love to see a more down and dirty look in Freddie Mercury’s life.

Ex machina- I had heard a heap of great things about this, so it had a lot of hype to live up to.Thought it was very good. It was a slow burn film but a good kind of slow burn. I didn’t see the ending coming at all. I love a good sci fi flick

Searching- a guys daughter goes missing and he has to use social media to find her. The whole movie takes place in pictures, videos on the computer screen, tv screens. Very very cool way of doing it. Also keeps you guessing until the end about what has happened. Definately recommend


Ex Machina is awesome. Oscar Isaac has to be one of the best actors getting around at the moment.

I watched Searching last week and thought it was very good. Edge of your seat type tension.