At the movies


Ooooh, mixtape.

Spinal Tap
Empire Records
Bohemian Rhapsody

The Godfather
The Departed

Ex Machina

Flying High
Top Secret
The Spy Who Shagged Me
Hot Shots 2/Naked Gun

Eternal Sunshine
Being John Malkovich
Little Miss Sunshine/Truman Show


Actually a list like this is great. Helps filter which views to value due to taste.

@wimmera1 I reckon I might blindly follow you on that list, matches up very well with what I like


I think baby driver with a good set of headphones would be an experience. There’s so much of that movie that’s tied into the soundtrack.


I approve of these.


I just watched Green Book.

I had been a little sceptical but thoroughly enjoyed it.



Boring and bland


But I probably had a similarview of Captain Marvel, I really don’t think these movies are my thing


I loved Get Out but reckon Us is even better. I know the reviews are saying it’s a bit heavy handed but I found it very powerful, stunning to look at and quite creepy in a really good way. Up there with Cold War in my fave films of the past 12 months.