At the movies


Ooooh, mixtape.

Spinal Tap
Empire Records
Bohemian Rhapsody

The Godfather
The Departed

Ex Machina

Flying High
Top Secret
The Spy Who Shagged Me
Hot Shots 2/Naked Gun

Eternal Sunshine
Being John Malkovich
Little Miss Sunshine/Truman Show


Actually a list like this is great. Helps filter which views to value due to taste.

@wimmera1 I reckon I might blindly follow you on that list, matches up very well with what I like


I think baby driver with a good set of headphones would be an experience. There’s so much of that movie that’s tied into the soundtrack.


I approve of these.


I just watched Green Book.

I had been a little sceptical but thoroughly enjoyed it.



Boring and bland


But I probably had a similarview of Captain Marvel, I really don’t think these movies are my thing


I loved Get Out but reckon Us is even better. I know the reviews are saying it’s a bit heavy handed but I found it very powerful, stunning to look at and quite creepy in a really good way. Up there with Cold War in my fave films of the past 12 months.


Wrong. 5 stars.


Huh? What’s wrong about it - pretty inoffensive article.


They under rated it. Its a five star movie not the 4 stars they gave it.


Fair enough - didn’t see the rating tbh.


I really liked Us. Not as much as Get Out, but Get Out is one of my favourite films of the last decade, so it’s not a criticism


Just got back from seeing avengers. Thought it was good but slightly disappointing at the same time

Infinity wars still the best marvel movie for me


Just out of it myself. I’d agree. Final 45 mins was awesome, first 30-60 mins were as slow as the Dee’s


I walked into the cinema at 9:15pm and walked out a 12:40am.

The Russo Brothers are absolute geniuses for pulling this off.
End Game is the greatest movie spectacle that’s ever been created. I honestly don’t know how they did it. There has been many better movies than this, But no bigger spectacle. To be honest Infinity War and End Game is all about the Spectacle.

The way they were able to weave every movie from the past 15 years into this movie is unthinkable. I was left shaking my head.
I don’t think we’ll see anything like this ever again.

They could have easily turned this into a Trillogy.
but wow…


This trailer just popped up on my Facebook feed this morning


Shut up, you are.


Really enjoyed Endgame for the spectacle it was. A lot of payoffs to previous Marvel films and a really fitting ending for a lot of characters. Don’t bother staying for the credits as there aren’t any extra scenes.


I wondered why there was such a queue at the Kino. Didn’t think the Spanish film would be that much in demand, even with Maribel Verdu.