August 19 - Gold Coast vs Essendon travel thread

No coach and no soul, but we still have to beat them to make the eight. Who’s going to join Humberta n’ me up on the Coast on Sat Aug 19th? More to the point, where do we meet for a drink before the game? Kid-free weekend, so we’re gonna get messy!!!

PS. tix appear to be drying up - had to hunt around on Ticketek for an area that wasn’t sold out. Or is that just the way they release the seats?

booked my flights and tickets a few weeks ago. Looking forward to the weekend away. Dreamworld during the day, footy at night. Taking my mum up as she has gone through a lot of health issues in the last year, so the break will do her the world of good

Been a few times, always a massive contingent of Red and Black up there


The couple of times I’ve been I have hit the golf club across the road. Got there early, had lunch and a few beers and walked across just before the start.

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I’d love to take my son who has been pestering me since round 2 to take him to another game but nooo…my dad has to go and turn 70 that weekend so we will be in Ballarat.

Selfish barstard …


I can’t believe we managed to dodge the sacked coach bounce!


Results this week will probably determine if I head up or not. Flights are a nightmare from Adelaide to the GC aswell

■■■■ no

Went up for fletch’ s 350 and we nearly lost the game against an even worse side.

Yep i remember that. Got drenched as well. Was great to see us actually win a Milestone game for once though

I’ll be there for my one & only game all year. Sunset bar on the forward pocket standing room is pretty good spot. Get GA admission early on, you can wait up to 3/4 hour in the queue for tix

ITT complaints about parking

Can anyone just rock up? Would that be the best place for a pre-game with other travelling supporters?

Emerald Lakes is open to all. Checked their web page and there is nothing there to say it has changed. There isn’t much else in the area that is nearby, and parking is a bit of a pain (The golf club will sting you $20).

If your getting a bus fron Broadbeach they leave from around 5 from memory, so there is always the option to hit a bar around Broadbeach or Surfers before catching the tram/bus in (Free with game ticket).

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Is there a grog squad at interstate games?

Does anyone know if the club will hold a training session up there for members? And if yes, any idea of when that would happen?

If free spirit is going, then I’ll think about it.

I am flying up fri arvo

Golf club across the road is booked out. Any other ideas about where to park?

At your home/hotel. Get a cab/uber/bus

Thanks. Driving down from caravan park south of Bris. Will either drive to Nerang or Broadbeach- or got some other advice that nearby venues open for paid parking.