Australian Policies -- from December 2023

Bill, maybe he just remembers that he really wasn’t that good at his last job. Spoiler alert, he wasn’t ranked Australia’s worst treasurer but he came in fifth after John Howard and then three more liberals.


White men not prepared to show their faces.

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They are despicable people


Because Australia has always been a white country? Maybe the mob you saw were just trying to read up on a bit of history because I thought that there were some black miners, so did a quick search.

You were right earlier, fcukwits.

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There was absolutely black diggers in Ballarat.

The first rebel to stand trial after being captured at the Stockade was an African-American man called John Joeseph.

Ballarat was a cosmopolitan city, with people from every corner of the planet.

It’s another case of White Supremisists re-writing history to suit their agenda.


I mean…there is a view that the Stockade was about stopping the Chinese from digging…

That view would be utterly incorrect, devoid of any evidence


It’s not My view.
I don’t actually have one.

The last few years I’ve studied Eureka Rebellion.

I haven’t read one account from any of the miners after the battle, that Chinese mining had anything to do with the rebellion.

The uprising was driven by a lot of social factors. The mainstream account is that it was because of mining taxes. That is definitely the instigator of it all. But it was mostly the fact that the police patrolling the diggings, were convicts from Tasmania who were taking bribes, stealing, raping women, and falsely accusing diggers of crimes they didn’t commit. This was 90% of the tension.

Absolutely nothing to do with the Chinese


I appreciate that, restate that I have no opinion on the subject, and that my knowledge of it is almost entirely that it happened in Ballarat, on a certain hill, and that there was a Lalor involved.
One international view that I’ve read, however, was that it was racism disguised as…democracy?

Again; not my view.
Don’t have one.

Lambing Flat riots were anti Chinese. There is a story that the riots against the Chinese brought such shame on Lambing Flat, that it was renamed to Young ( now the cherry capital of Oz).

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Ahhh yes, i remember watching a documentary on the Lambing Flat riots.

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The tacit implication from those same people that yes, ScoMo going to Hawaii was a god-awful thing to do and was not a “well-earned holiday” hasn’t been lost on me either.

But I’ve long given up on expecting logical or ideological consistency from those people

Good point Sniggles. When he snuck out of the country, he didn’t tell any media that he was on holidays and when they enquired to the Deputy Prime Minister they were referred back to the Prime Ministers Department.

He wasn’t upfront that he was on holidays and took off when there was a crisis back home but we found out later that it didn’t matter because Scummo didn’t hold a hose. He made a song and dance about cancelling his trip and came back one day earlier than planned.

Bit of a difference with Albo heading overseas to conduct business of the government including trying (successfully) to restore trade with our biggest trading partner who got ■■■■■■ off with our last Prime Marketeer.



He left under such discretion that the office of the PM did not know where he was during the worst natural disaster Australia had faced in decades. That point cannot be stressed enough.

And there were people who were defending this behavior as a “well-earned holiday.” Those same people are now criticising Albo for travelling too much, even though it’s a very important part of his job.

This issue is now almost five years old, so it’s probably not worth relitigating except to highlight the hypocrisy of those who want to hang Albo for this.


Wim this is sounding bit like Trumpets “good people on both sides”. Eureka had nothing to do with anti-Chinese actions. Don’t repeat crap that is obviously crap. There is enough crap to deal with as it is.


Kudelka’s cartoon in The Saturday Paper sums up Albo perfectly.

The original Gutless Wonder.

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Fair enough, too.
I’d got confused with the Lambing Flats riots which happened six years later and in other state.
My mistake. Apologies.

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