Australian Policies -- from December 2023

can someone explain to me why these sorts are so prevelant in Victoria?

ever wondered what cops do on their days off?


Celebratory dominatrix gang bangs with each other after the demonstration.

They enjoy f*cking dudes with masks…… but not in a gay way of course.

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flashing their lights to alert motorists to fixed speed and red light cameras :rofl:

It’s what happens when conservative parties spend too long in the wilderness, their natural fringe overtakes them and starts to bloom.
Nazis, militant cookers, libertarian nutters and Rapture types all agitating for hell on earth when they imagine they’ll come into their own.



RBA governor Michele Bullock has just handed her economists an 11.2% pay rise over three years. In line with Bullock’s complaints about poor productivity in the economy, does this mean RBA economists will be more productive?


I give it a 2/10 chance

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It’s only 3.5% per year. Not astronomical.


Yes, but he’s entitled to be the member for Kooyong!

No, i should’ve made it clearer, it’s from Crikey. Still, nice timing after some pretty rash commentary from her.

Fair enough.

What if they’re on $300,000 + super ****s!

That’s palatable.

That should help them with their hair cuts.


But, but, but …. Haircuts are unnecessary spending causing inflation, just like dental treatments.

More problems for the Government. It can’t wait for Christmas and for everyone to switch off and go on holidays.

This is terrible … Lock them all up - no choice. Going from bad to worse this whole thing. An issue that won’t go away even after the Christmas break

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Liberal staffer or priest?


Meanwhile Labor apparently courting this grub to pass IR and water legislation? Surely not