Australian Politics, Mark II


In the space of a couple of days you have PM Scumo deliberately frame an issue incorrectly on radio while kicking a minority, dog whistling over children no less, and Dutton question the mental health of his own hand picked Border control head and suggest he must be “very close to Labor”.

It’s Trump 101 and they’re shamelessly using the playbook. ■■■■■■■ sick.


I’m gonna look forward to voting against this guy as I normally reserve for the lunatic fringe.
Which he clearly farking is.

■■■■ off, Churchy McChurchface, you accidental PM.


What’d Tony have against drones then?


I think Tone blew when he tried to give him a cashless welfare card.


All in all, though, they’re just re-employing the same tactics as usual. Boat people are evil and power prices are going to be horrible if Labor win. if I hear Scummo say “the minister for getting power prices down” again I’m going to vomit. And “fair dinkum base load power that works when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow” and then trying to take credit for the current wholesale prices dropping (because of the entry of renewables). Fark these lying arseholes. Just saw a news add on Seven that finished with the sound bite “the price of renewables will not fall”. Oh boy. I’m going to need anger therapy by next May.


It’s almost like Tony is the PM again, oh wait


Very much so. Only difference is that Scummo isn’t even paying lip service to climate change and is asking us to pray for things. That’s compared to the former Jesuit priest, mind you. Fwark.


Scumo’s subservience may make Dutton’s time shorter, as he can now be scapegoated for the sake of party unity


Not as long as the Libs only have a one seat margin in the house of reps. They need him too much. If it was that easy to get rid of an inconvenient psycho party member, Turnbull would have ■■■■■■ Abbot off years ago (and Rudd would have been out on his ear after basically the first time he leaked to grattan against Gillard back in 2010).


It’d depend on his polling in his electorate, closer to the election they may want a less starchy face, in order to hold it.


Potato starch?


Gonna, really? Is that how you speak?


You’re not my mum.


I would have said worse


It’s not even a parody.



He knows his government ended years ago right?


Sometimes I also tweet to commemorate catastrophic defecations that I have experienced.


Fkg lol.


Wowee! Oh boy! Tones might actually have gone over the edge. How long till the next challenge?


Nah, he’s not wrong. Turnbull sold his ■■■■ to the Libs right wing to become PM, and Morrison isn’t far off it either. They’re both continuing all of Abbott’s policies.

Just cos he got turfed as PM , doesn’t mean this isn’t still an abbot government.