Australian Politics, Mark II


Yeah, I have a friend who had ten years experience as a qualified mechanic and his own tools. $22 an hour. He quit this year to work with his cousin in construction.


Local mechanic has downed tools, and started a car wash service and also delivers advertising to letterboxes. Says he make twice as much as being a mechanic for a Holden Dealer and works about the same hours.


It must be a city thing because there are no poorly paid mechanics in rural areas. Just deviating slightly, here in WA it is unlawful to charge money to paint someone’s house if you are not a registered painter yet you can happily charge for automotive repairs without being a qualified mechanic. Some rates of pay;

General Farm Hand or Farm Tradesperson Weekly Hourly Casual (includes 20% loading)
Adult - 21 years or more $726.90 $19.13 $22.95

Motor Vehicle Industry Employee
(see page 9 for level descriptions) Weekly Hourly Casual
(includes 20% loading)
Level 1 $726.90 $19.13 $22.95
Level 2 $744.50 $19.59 $23.51
Level 3 $768.30 $20.22 $24.26
Level 4 $790.40 $20.80 $24.96

I doubt there are too many mechanics on the basic award.


The man Peter Dutton hand-picked as the first Australian Border Force (ABF) commissioner has divulged new details of the lengths the Minister’s office went to in securing a tourist visa for an Italian nanny.

Roman Quaedvlieg, who was ousted from the Border Force job in March, has lodged a submission to a Senate inquiry into Mr Dutton’s use of ministerial power in 2015 to grant visas to two European au pairs.


Julie Bishop’s hypocrisy is breathtaking. She led the attack on Julia Gillard for her ‘misogyny’ observations and accused her of being precious and of indulging in gender politics. Now she is claiming victim status. She may not be the architect of Canberra’s toxic environment but she certainly is an accomplice.


J Bishop is an absolutely unprincipled thing.


This guy could have been PM a fortnight ago. Now he’s nearly gone. That’s an indictment on the judgement of liberal politicians.


Women’s Weekly will have you believe otherwise.


WW comes out monthly. Should be WM.


How can you trust anything that reads for a week and doesn’t die?


Wouldn’t that make it a periodical?


Jokes about menstruation are not funny. Period.


Worst thing about all this is that we still have to wait for a Federal election.


Sound policy.


Ok, this is getting uncomfortable now. Who was the last PM you reckon who tried prayer? FFS.


Several of the recent ones have at least given lip service to their “belief”.


ScuMo’s “Thoughts & Prayers” eh?
Just what they need.


Better pray for protection against the gender whisperers, too.
They’ll turn your kids trans, you know.


Well I heard a story about Hawkie, who was on a ACTU junket to Manila and he prayed out loud that there were more ladies available in the spa, but I guess that was before he was PM.