Australian Politics, Mark II


Doesn’t help to call someone a ■■■■ when you’re trying to argue about language, discourse, equality etc. And on that, heard a woman today on ABC radio saying that such discourse is always gendered to the disadvantage of women, which I think is rubbish (e.g. the example above). ■■■■, Wan.ker, tool, koch (yes I meant that), etc etc. None of it offends me, but it goes both ways and in any case wouldn’t be tolerated in my profession, and rightly so.


It was irony, hence you missed her point.


How is that ironic?
And what point was she making?


I think I got the point, and I agree with it. Irony? No, I don’t think she was aware of the double standard she was applying. Not that the statements are even directly comparable, but if it was an attempt at irony it was entirely unconvincing.


Cathy King is always aware of everything she says.


Ok then.


All Labor people are always 100% correct.

Except for Bill Shorten…even more than 100% for Bill.

The truisms of Comrade BacchusFox.


Even I know that is not true. Bill makes his gaffes, so do many others.

Cathy King doesn’t say anything without knowing the consequences, to get the result she wants.


I don’t know her well & haven’t seen her much, … but felt she was largely ineffectual on Q n A the other night.

The young fill in host seemed a bit out of his depth and kind of let Bernazi hold court, and she didn’t seem capable of showing him up on his mountain of lies.

I got that pizzed off that he was getting away with it all unchallenged, I switched off half way through.


Fair comment. Bernardi should be consigned to hell.

While the issues spoken about are important, they are also very difficult and there are no easy answers.

Advocating paying drug addicts $5000 to stop conceiving is not a yes/ no answer, and I thought that Sarah Henderson was dis-ingenuous in her approach.

Becomes perhaps a moral question and I would like to see how it could work.

To be honest I find that Q&A has become an entertainment show with panel members at times, and questions asked often, all about creating sensation. I feel for the panelist whose childhood was hell, but am a bit sceptical about the proposal.


You should watch the episode of Coreys show where he talks about the 5k thing,. … (Ep 5) and then watch every other episode of it, … everyone should.

One of the most important, honest, engrossing, devastating, infuriating, enlightening & shocking set of pieces to be put to air in this Country in years IMO.

Be warned though kids, … very Adult content, and likely every Trigger Warning you know of should be deemed given …


As I said, I’ve met Katherine King a few times and she represents our community well. I just don’t think she had any strong policies to argue the point.

A government is only as strong as their policies. I just don’t know what Labor’s are. I don’t think the party does either.

Granted Tony Jones wasn’t hosting this week. He keeps a tight ship on that show.


It is Catherine King, and we have a strong policy platform. I already posted the Draft that will be debated and agreed at the next National Conference.

Happy to do again, but doubt you will read as you believe what you want to believe.

And your Federal Member is one of the very good ones


I am sure you would agree that those that try to cheat are a very small minority. It would be ‘nice’ if those that do cheat are punished, commensurate with their crime. You know, like a loss of benefit (of a few hundred dollars) for a short time. Like the “Big end of town” cheats that cheat in the millions and get fined peanuts, if they are punished at all.


1 job for every 16 unemployed people.

Plenty of jobs.


I have a problem with your wife discussing her clients with you. No doubt you will say it is without identifying them, but still, she should not discuss them with you.


I didn’t say plenty of jobs I said plenty of jobs that need doing. This means things like graffiti removal, cleaning of streets, parks, beaches. All things that would benefit the community and if you are getting the dole the least you can do is 10 hours a week of this type of stuff. I’m not asking anyone to do 40 hours a week or “slave labour”


Never names and no paperwork or laptops are allowed to leave the office. People in the industry discuss their work all the time and are free to do so as long as no personal information is divulged


Rules are important, but the no review thing seems a bit over the top.

I can understand that you need to have a system for those who abuse it, but you also need to protect those who might get abused by someone on a power trip.

There never seems to be a nice balance about things.


Even this is slave labour.

Make it a real job with award wages.