Australian Politics, Mark II


Mark Latham announced this morning that he was joining One Nation as the NSW state leader. Scheduled for a big interview alongside Hanson on channel 10 this morning. Didn’t show. The hosts are interviewing Hanson and an empty chair, asking stuff like ‘how can you trust him when you don’t even know where he is?’ and ‘Latham said XXX about women in politics, what is your opinion of this?’

Hanson is complaining that the Labor party used to be good before the unions got involved. Ummmm…


They deserve each other.


Sack the ■■■■. right frigging now.

How the fark can this happen? Between this prick and Abbot as (envoy), this shitstain of a party is really showing it’s true colours on indigenous issues.



Wow! This ■■■■ Was Almost Our Prime Minister


The nation has shaken its head today, as it remembers that Mark Latham was almost elected as the Prime Minister of Australia.

This comes after the man responsible for the most famous handshake in Australia history announced that he will be joining the very thin ranks of One Nation this morning.

Latham will run for NSW Parliment and lead the state branch of One Nation.

The former leader of the Labor Party has told reporters that he is thinking about taking time out of his busy schedule out of bashing taxi drivers and abusing people on Twitter to cast himself back into public life.

This announcement is a scary reminder to the country, that the man who viciously trolled anti-violence campaigner and Australian of The Year Rosie Batty out of the public spotlight, almost surged to beat John Howard in the election of 2004, in what could have been an incredible moment for the country.

The realisation has come after years of watching the maverick commentator both explode and implode across a variety of mediums.

Latham however, who had been banned from ever rejoining the Labor party, told our reporters that the nation has no idea how much better off it would have been with him steering the ship.

“This country’s gone ■■■■■■■ mad,” he said to us over the phone.

“Cultural Marxism. Political Correctness. Feminazis. Wake up you ■■■■■■■ clowns. We are heading towards becoming like a Soviet state dictatorship.”

“But I’m back. Let me tell you that. I’m ready to save this country from divisive identity politics by dividing people based upon their identity.”

“Besides, I need to get elected because I’m gonna have a very big ■■■■■■■ legal bill to pay in a couple of months because of that defamation ■■■■.”


I’m assuming that piece is satire.

Although with Mark Latham one can never be sure.


You know that won’t happen, they won’t even bat an eye lid, they may ask him how he let the story get out?

That’s about it


yep. I know.



I’m loving the deliberate ploy of dumbing down ScoMo to appeal to the working class battlers. Use Aussie slang, wear a shirt without a tie, roll the sleeves up, drink XXXX. It’s straight out of Frontline when they try to make Mike Moore a man of the people…


There are reports that his Qld tour is largely a fundraising event and there is a fee for access to him ( up to $5k). Although he did drop into Mick Fanning’s shop and scored a free cap. The Vid of that event shows why he got the push from tourism marketing,


Probably 100% true. Latham is batshit crazy, and sadly probably always was. Lucky we didn’t win that election.


Are pollies allowed to receive gifts in hat form?


The real question is, … Does an Arsehat, really need any hats? :thinking:




Is there a bigger fkn tossbag than Hilderbrand?

Not just in the Media, but in the whole of the country??


joe hildebrand vs mark latham.

what a time to be alive.


They deserve each other.


Some people are into a bit of Tossar on Tossar action,


I think having Mark Latham is the wrong move for one nation. Not that I care, but I can hear the countdown clock to Latham, Hanson and ON’s inevitable self destruction.