Australian Politics, Mark II


What is wrong with you?


Well, they did expel a heap of far right activists who had sympathy with Nazis.

Mate of mine reckons they’re the most socialist party…well, when harvests etc are poor…and he calls them the National Socialists.


They expelled a bunch, but the bloke who recruited them, who is a ministerial staffer I believe, waltzed through untouched. The ‘so, how the hell do you know all these nazis that you brought in to branch-stack?’ question was never asked, because some people who were implicated were too highly-placed to expel.


I never get why anyone would resign if they are innocent.

I suppose I never got why the 34 Essendon players didn’t fight harder either.

Maybe I am just stubborn, but I cop it when I am guilty but Fark if I am going down without a fight if I am not.


Guardian reporting that Katter locked into supporting government on confidence and supply in return for $200m water projects. The report also refers to advance warning of intent to vote against the government on legislation.
Betcha the deal also includes voting with the Government on refusing to refer Dutton to the HC.


Wonders how this does not fall under some conspiracy type law. You would like to think that these projects are actually viable and necessary.

I could relate how a Shire I know well got a $10 million grant to build a road as long as it’s Mayor agreed to run as a Nationals candidate at a Federal Election.

All pretty shabby.


I can’t see how it’d possibly be illegal, otherwise every deal a minority govt ever makes with the cross bench would be illegal. The Gillard govt had basically the same deal with Windsor and Oakeshott and Bandt, except those guys had actual policy they wanted to promote while Katter is just ‘spend $X of taxpayers money pork barrelling my electorate kthx’


Should be illegal.

I have sat in these “strategy” meetings, where election promises are developed. We would be scratching our heads trying to come up with things, while neighbourhood electorates who needed new roads and schools etc desperately, were not even mentioned. Anything for a vote !!


Thats the core feature of Democracy though. Competing parties outline their promises and you vote for the one that appeals most.

If you put an independent panel to apportion all funds based on need and economics you have a Technocracy not Democracy. There are benefits of doing this but the big downside is no accountability/choice.


what??? Where is the accountability for the Tories e.g. giving money intended for indigenous people to their mates in organisations so they can challenge indigenous land rights?

The Tories operate without any accountability. (In contrast, the ALP always has Murdoch media torching them if they do anything slightly wrong).

finally, compare the changes in standard of living etc here and in China over the last 30 years and tell me again how technocracies don’t work.


When did I say they don’t work?

And I hope the torries get the boot at the next election which is the accountability.


is this foley ■■■■■■■ serious? so the journo just made this whole wild story up to defame him? what a goose.


She made it up and said nothing, and let some Lib politician air it in parliament… a year later… and it’s her fault.

What a ■■■■.


I can’t see how his case is anything but cynical.

just drag everyone else down a bit so he looks less bad.

What a self serving egotistical power hungry wanker.


Hmm, I am no fan of Foley but he like everyone is entitled to his presumption of innocence.

I hope he does have his day in Court and all the truth is told. I actually would always believe a politician before a journalist, especially one from the ABC.

I disagree with how the ALP always handles this as it is custom to resign even if you are innocent to lessen any impact on the Party. Farked if I would.

All that said, NSW Labor will be a better place without Foley as Leader.




so the journalist completely fabricated two phone calls and concocted this whole thing because…?


Personal experience.

I have never been screwed over by any Politician, but was screwed over by more than one journo. Detestable human beings in my view.


No idea who is telling the truth, but journos have form in this regard.


Really? Do tell how many female Journos have made up stories about a Pollie sliding their hand down through an open backed dress and INSIDE their panties out of the blue as if they had any right, or interest from said journo before?

You say some incredible things sometimes, … but this is just fkn bizarre.