Australian Politics, Mark II


And there goes one of their better leadership candidates


I don’t think I’ve ever had a local labor member before.


I think they’ll keep it, too.
For as long as the alternative says this…

…is our base.


When did John Hewson become so good?


Actually been mainly on the right side of issues for the best part of a decade now IMO.


Generally the conservatives get abit Mellow after politics.

But i think Hewson is a follower of the Malcom Fraser era of the Liberal Party. Ie. Strong conservative economic policies, centre-left wing social policies.


When he no longer felt like he couldn’t say anything because it would be criticising Howard.


No need to pander to RWNJs in their “broad church” anymore?


Makes me want to puke when I read any reference to Malcolm Fraser and Centre-LeftWing social policies. He was always a carnt who treated working people like dogs.


Mildura has turned independent. Nice person too is Cupper. Has her head in the right place.

If only we could turf that useless prick Broad next May now…


Mal got a lot more sympathetic to others’ misfortunes after that incident where he lost his pants in that US hotel


Mal pushed up for Mugabe like there was no tomorrow.


Rightie pollies etc who spend their entire public lives being reactionary power hungry ■■■■■■ then experience a blinding moment of reality and start playing the principled elder statesman when they retire can just get in the bin. Fraser ran a coup against whitlam. Turnbull governed with Abbott’s policies on the environment, refugees, NBN, and kept up the public service cuts. Even ■■■■■■■ Roman ‘I vill see your papers pliss, schweinhund’ Quadvlieg is about to release a book that paints himself as a lovely guy who was forced to be a monstrously callous ■■■■■■■■ against his will by political interests.

Get stuffed. You had your chance to govern with principle, and you didn’t. These pathetic attempts to whitewash scummy legacies are just nauseating, as is the willingness of the media to take them seriously.


Labor also claims Ripon, by 31 votes, which is a little bit of a surprise, because they trailed even into yesterday.

Final state of the parties Labor 56, Libs/Nats 26, others 6 (3 greens, 3 independents).


That’s a paddlin’.


Upper house counts tick along slowly. Would be much quicker if all those stupid bastardos hadn’t voted below the line…


Can someone anyone please ask scomo the bleeding obvious question.

Does he support sharia law?


Only if applied as practised by the Spanish Inquisition.

I bet no-one expected that.


I’ll get the comfy chair.


Pleased to see ScoMo grant a conscience vote on some issue or other.

If only the RWNJs had a conscience.