Australian Politics, Mark II


what was the vote for?


ok, found it…


Good. It’s loaded legislation.
Christian right wants a conscious vote tells you all you need to know.
Fark off SloMo


How could they want that? Most of those RWNJs are barely conscious as it is.

(And yes the error was in the original SBS headline)


Except Boot, in Labor’s case it is policy hence MPs vote is tied.

If they gave a conscience vote, some RW Labor Nutjobs would vote against policy.


“Conscious vote”… I think they make better decisions when knocked out.


A few hours of law making left before the election in May and they double down on teh gayz are bad.

And the truly sad thing is nobody is surprised that they haven’t learned a damn thing.


I actually reckon Bill Shorten should allow a conscience vote. Then name and shame the prikks who are anti-GLBTI and disendorse them. Yep more delusional thoughts from me.


how about the govt forcing whatsapp to provide them a back door?

■■■■ off boomers.


Hehe back door.


If you accept taxpayer money then you should adhere to the community standard of no discrimination. If you don’t like it or it goes against your religion then you can forgo taxpayer money.


Then we can finally do away with those pesky private schools, starve them out or make them kneel


Starve them out. The Catholic church has a tonne of money. Its a disgrace any taxpayer is spent on catholic schools.


Edited for brevity


A Abbott today offered asylum on behalf of the Government to a Pakistani woman of Christian beliefs without having it cleared by the dept of Border Security. Or the government.

A recent offer of asylum exclusively for white South Africans being ‘terrorised’ by darkies was floated by P Dutton, also without checking with his dept at the time. Previous to that, white farmers in Zimbabwe were offered easy resettlement in Australia but not oppressed black people. Christians unfortunate enough to have been swept up in ISIS’ caliphate were welcomed by the Abbott government but not Muslim citizens, even though they were being equally oppressed, if not more.

If the racist and religious bias’ of this government wasn’t obvious before, it is now.

To the good people of Warringah. Please…

To the good people of every other blue or National seat…


And still over one million people voted liberal in Victoria


TBF this women should be offered asylum. The shyte that is Pakistan is not somewhere you leave this women.


Yes but so do a lot of people.
And they get turned away.


Right, but that doesn’t mean you rag on her for Aussie pollies shortcomings. She deserves asylum.


They sure do.

Abbott isn’t even trying to hide it any more.