Australian Politics, Mark II


If we got behind new tech like certain countries who aren’t a backwards world stage laughing stock or a resources charity bin, we might devise a Minority Report type system. Lone Wolves, psycho hubbies, Catch the Fire political wannabes and all brown people stopped in their tracks before they even know they’re making them.

Plus flying cars ■■■■■■■ finally


wtf you trust other drivers enough in 2D to give them a 3rd?


This is true.
I was there.

And systems that used a fixed window technique to derive century from year, have an inbuilt time bomb that effectively defers the Y2K effect until the random year when the window closes. Werewolf would have otherwise, but its an unmanaged risk in some organisations I have worked in.


There was a 3 in 4 chance Y2K would have been notably worse… luckily it wasn’t a leap year!


Seriously you are an arrogant prikk

Do you think computer only happened after 1990? Fark me, when did man land on the moon again !


You get stuffed

beni works for Apple so he knows everything, you work in IT, so we bow to your superiority.

The sky is falling, let’s all panic. I am going to withdraw all my money today and bury it in the backyard.

There’s a Red under every bed as well.

Get a grip boys


Katter getting shaky on the “big stick” bill over whether it will allow asset privatisation. If they don’t have Katter they will have to try to buy Phelps, Sharkey, McGowan or Banks. None of them will be cheap and they’re running out of time.


It’s a crock. You’re totally right.

Re Apple, my understanding (and that of encryption experts) is that the Bill won’t actually compel Apple / Facebook etc as they are US based and not subject to the jurisdiction. The only thing it will do however, is create a backdoor into every device in the country which will be ripe for hackers to exploit.


The terrorism thing is also a crock. Does anyone think that terrorists are on Facebook messenger or whatsapp? No, they design and use their own encrypted messaging services which are outside of the reach of the legislation.

The way that all governments, labor or lib, use tragedy to infringe further on citizens privacy is nothing short of scandalous.


What part of my issue with this has got nothing to do with counter terrorism do you not understand?

This is not about the governments abiltiy to spy on me either

Understand this, and only this

this is about the ■■■■■■■ great big hole in security that us going to be exposed by every hacker on earth, your bank details, tax information, company records, all of it, these dumb mother ■■■■■■■ in government just laid out the red carpet for any data miner with half a clue.

You think the peanuts who thought the NBN was a solid idea have any clue what removing any level of encryption is going to the market?

Your ■■■■■■■ right about Apple having a vested interest, people who buy Apple products do so because they believe them to be the most secure on offer. They won’t be now.

I get you love everything to do with labor.

But they are being incredibly dumb here.


I don’t think the second part of this statement is compatible with the first part.

Secondly, if it can’t touch foreign-owned operators… then that’s every single phone and computer in the country. Which would be obviously stupid, even in the context of old people talking about computers.


Yeah. It’s stupid sounding. You’re totally right. If you look at the way the legislation is worded though it’s also totally true. The main reason (amongst others) for this is that there is no effective method of service in the US currently for these sorts of notices.

Link to a better explanation -


So they’re all just gunna say “nup”.
Man, are we actually, really relying on Apple, amazon, google, facebook etc to protect our online security from our govt?


Yeah exactly. Like giving the cigarette lighter to a firebug.


Wake up BF.

You may as well uninstall your anti virus, you know better.

■■■■ me man, you sound like sorfed


That’s a really good analogy Simmo


so is this a mandatory function they’re forcing software developers to use on every product, or does it just allow them to get a warrant to force a software developer to decrypt something?


Essentially yes, we are forcing software and hardware devs to create a back door in their data encryption for the government to use to flush out a few brown guys, completely ignoring the fact that it will open the door to everyone in the county getting hacked by cyber criminals.


so the government are expecting tech co’s to hand over this magical key? fmd. what are these pelicans on about.


You have evidence to support the assertion that police routinely abuse telephone intercept powers.

Its offensive to tar all law enforcement like you do.

Instead of complaining about how you you come up with a solution for law enforcement to accept child ■■■■■■■■■■■ photos disseminated on encrypted messengers. Or serious and organised crime groups messaging about drug supplies.