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Huh, what school did you go to?

Agree to disagree? Never in a lifetime


A country public school full of feral cats. Real ■■■■ hole.


@thedjr feeling a bit smug now. Two members and an early disintegration!


Here comes the credit squeeze.


Another day, more evidence that the Liberal party are basically just low level scum bags.

Hire this guy

And you get this result

Who would have guessed


■■■■ they need a clean out don’t they?!


Stuart Robert contacted ‘multiple’ times since 2016 over massive home internet bill

The Assistant Treasurer was contacted “multiple” times by the finance department about his exorbitant home internet bills which exceeded $2000 per month but continued on the same plan.

Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert was asked “multiple” times by the finance department about his exorbitant home internet bills of up to $2800 per month, but continued on the same plan because there was “no alternative”.

Mr Robert, who has a masters degree in information technology, has recorded monthly home data bills about 20 times higher than the average politicians’ since 2016.

The Fadden MP said he used “around” 300 gigabytes of data in May 2018 and the charge of $2832 was a result of exceeding his data limit of 50GB and having to pay per gigabyte after that.

Mr Robert acknowledged the excessive charges were “much higher than anticipated and higher than what the community expects”.

But this week, in response to Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation committee questions about Mr Robert’s internet bills, the Department of Finance revealed it had quizzed him more than once about why he was spending so much for data at home.

“As standard practice, the Department of Finance monitors all expenditure, including residentialtelephone and data costs and will discuss alternative plans with parliamentarians if necessary,” the agency told the committee.

“The Department discussed Mr Robert’s residential data plan with his office on multiple occasions since 2016,” the agency said.

Special Minister of State Alex Hawke said the massive charges were not covered by Mr Robert’s department-approved plan and did not meet community expectations.

Mr Robert said he had only been able to access mobile broadband with limited data capacity at his Gold Coast home but the National Broadband Network has now been rolled out there and he has moved to a new plan.

Queensland Labor Senator Murray Watt, who asked the questions about Mr Robert’s internet usage, said Mr Robert owes taxpayers an explanation.

“Was he ever asked to change internet plans?” Mr Watt said. "Was he warned about the costs he was forcing onto taxpayers? Why did he only act after his exorbitant costs were revealed by the media?

“Stuart Robert is just another out of touch LNP politician. While he’s cutting our schools and hospitals, he’s charging taxpayers for his expensive internet addiction.”

A spokesman for Mr Robert said there was no alternative plan that “avoided significant excess data charges”.

"Those excess charges in the departmental plan were paid in full by Mr Robert, as announced earlier this year,” the spokesman said.

Mr Robert repaid about $38,000 after the department of finance sent him an invoice on October 12.

In 2014, Mr Robert paid back travel expenses of $900 he used to fly to Sydney before going on a private trip to China where he attended the signing of a deal between Nimrod Resources and Chinese officials.

He resigned from the Turnbull ministry in 2016 when it was revealed that he owned shares in a trust linked to Liberal donor Paul Marks and his company, Nimrod Resources.

Mr Robert was one of the key numbers men in the August leadership coup and was promoted back into the ministry by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


What surging interest rates ?


It’s reffering to the states. But our banks source a significant source of funding from overseas.

I was being a bit silly anyway. Who knows what’s happening, but there are signs it’s about to turn. We escaped the GFC, I don’t think we will be as lucky next time.


Gosh, that makes me angry.


Me too


Luck had nothing to do with it.


Agree Rudd, Swan and Tanners management of the GFC was first class.


But they all wear suits and present nicely. How could they possibly be untrustworthy?.


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Lol. My local member.

I thought you called it Mr speaker.


How the ■■■■ can anyone use that much data? Only thing I can think of is that all his family and mates are somehow piggybacking.


Seems there’s a cluster of us Blitzers up in the never never. Personally hoping Jason Modica runs as an independent. That guy has his head and heart in the right places.


Perhaps she’s a honey pot.

The guy might have been known in Canberra as a bit of sleaze.

I mean how did new idea get the story?


Whispers around that the AFP is investigating the activities of another prominent ‘family values’ conservative during his travels to the Philippines.


Was in the paper today. Lots of traveling to seedy neighborhoods in South East Asia known for drugs and prostitution and money transfers to businesses in said neighborhoods. Couldn’t pin anything illegal on whoever it is. Couldn’t access encrypted messages on devices. No name attached to reports.