Australian Politics, Mark II


Govt gave him 300k to give them ideas about how to empower indigenous small business.
His big idea was to have a TV show.
Then the Govt gave him and Foxtel $220k to make said show. And he hosted it.
And, in a huge shock, now he wants to join them and run for them.
He sounds like a good old fashioned welfare scab.


He is a complex guy from a complex race of people. @benfti has probably more than experience than me, but from having a son married to an indigenous girl, I have found that understanding the thought patterns of our indiginous brothers and sisters is very tough.

Warren Mundine is ■■■■■ on a stick to many indigenous groups now as they seem to think he has betrayed them. I somehow think they are indeed the original tall poppy people’s, and have issues with any of their mobs getting ahead.

I actually think this Mundine is a good person and while I reckon he should have persisted with Labor, do understand his issues. Minorities in Labor do struggle and guys or girls with large intellects and egos do crash and burn. I have survived over 40 years, because my ego is firmly under control and I take no offence at any attack. Black people react, as they farking should and Warren has been treated poorly.


No, the indigenous community revere other indigenous peoples success, providing they have achieved it the right way. There are hundreds of examples of this, Micheal Long, Patty Mills, Briggs, David Wirrapunda, and so on. The fact that Warren isn’t popular in indigenous circles should speak volumes of his motives.


As far back as I can remember he has seemed to be on the Right wing side of Indigenous issues, to the point I was calling him a Liberal shill in Labor clothing.

I am not surprised in the least by this. His work on FUXX nooz over the past 2 or 3 yrs has been next level, … it’s as if the Squibs are rewarding him for all his hard work.


Will Abbott’s legacy be the destruction of his own party?

Kaye Lee

Tony Abbott’s relentless campaign to “axe the tax” marked a turning point for the Coalition. They put all their efforts into ignoring or denying the potential catastrophe awaiting us unless we take urgent action to reduce our emissions and now, they can’t back away from it despite the growing concern in the community.

The community wants renewable energy but the Coalition are stuck with the line that “the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow”, seemingly deliberately ignoring the storage options that are being developed. And all the other suggestions about interconnectors or small-scale local grids etc.

The Coalition rails against subsidies for renewable energy but looks set to provide subsidies for new coal-fired power stations and coal mines because no private investor will touch them.

They tell us to pray for rain and hand out drought relief whilst ignoring, or even facilitating, water theft and rampant land-clearing.

And all around the country, people who had previously been Liberal members/voters are running as Independents.

In response to Zali Steggal’s challenge for Abbott’s seat in Warringah, the increasingly hysterical Craig Kelly posted this on Facebook:


When asked what she wants done on “Climate change”, Ms Steggell replied “MORE !’’

So she wants more pensioners unable to afford their electricity. More Australian businesses placed a competitive disadvantage. More jobs sacrificed in our mining sector.

And “more action on climate change” means increased transportation costs, culling of millions of head of cattle, the closing of Aluminium smelters and steel mills and mines.

Those calling loudest for “more action on climate” want to regulate the lives others, demanding lower living standards for others – while sacrificing nothing themselves.

And all for nothing other than selfish virtue-signalling.

And anyone that believes that the comical figure of Tim Flannery is an ‘expert’ and they would seek to use him to help develop policy, must have been living in leftist lala land for the past decade, demonstrating they are so out of touch with reality, that are completely unfit to represent the community in parliament.

Hilariously, he then links to a 2GB article which criticises Steggall for her “personal attacks” on Tony Abbott and his “aggressive, divisive” style of politics.

Linking to an ad for the upcoming Q&A whose guests are 5 of the crossbench HoR members, Kelly laments:


Great start to the year. Not even a single right-of-centre MP.

Who are the studio audience going to heckle ?

And some pretend there is no leftist bias at the ABC.

Three of the guests are former Liberals. That alone should give cause for reflection as to why they left the party but no, not in Craig land which is so far right that he makes Katter and Hanson look like watermelons.

Significantly, the son of the previous Liberal Prime Minister has publicly offered to help fund the campaign of Independents to oust certain sitting Liberal members.

Long-time Liberal member, Oliver Yates is set to run against Josh Frydenberg as an Independent in Kooyong. In an article in the Guardian he succinctly outlines his, and many other Liberals’, reasons for leaving the party:

It is simply impossible for many Liberal voters to vote for a party that:

  • works to prevent any action on climate change
  • has the potential to be controlled by the mining industry or whichever new industry is willing to pay for favours (clubs, internet gambling, pokies, firearms and many more)
  • rejects the establishment of an integrity commission
  • rejects donation reform and transparency and promotes members for their fundraising skills rather than policy and communication skills
  • backs the Adani coalmine, which has no social licence and is inconsistent with our need to tackle climate change; and
  • regardless of the election result seems to be heading towards installing Tony Abbott or Peter Dutton as the next party leader

The Liberals will only get louder in their calls to not waste your vote on an Independent but Labor should hold their tongue. The Independents are doing what Labor has always wanted the Greens to do – challenging high profile Liberal sitting members in once safe Liberal seats.

It has become so desperate that former Nationals leader John Anderson is telling people they can’t retire or resign – they have to wait to be sacked.

Tony took on the role of attack dog, a strategy that has left his party a bleeding defeated cur slinking off to lick its wounds.


Tony as the dog is an appropriate metaphor.

And his government was a classic illustration of what would happen when the dog catches the car.


Now I know some of you don’t like Ms Ford that much, but I will miss her contributions in the Age


I think she’s great.

I was told recently that she attended the same high school that I did, though I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Funny how stuffy, right-wing conservative joints can produce so many ardent lefties.


For about every 3 or 4 of her articles that I disliked, she had 1 that got me thinking about my actions/attitudes. Not many writers can do that.

However what I do rate very, very highly about her is shining a very bright light on the types of blokes coming at her with vitriol on social media. Something I think should be widely adopted by semi-public figures.

-edit- “disliked” is a bit strong. “Ambivalent towards” is more accurate.


x 2.

Cretins that she’s called out are a shining example of how not to be. Exposing that these types of “men” are out there is an important step in stopping the “It’s not that bad, you feminazi” attitude that still seems to prevail.


Nice to see Murdoch didn’t take Bill turning down his invite personally…

Just coincidence that his papers are going harder today.


This judge was giving Frudenburgh absolutely nought. Ouch.


Cop that, young Harry.


Given what happened during the commission why is Josh smiling anyway?

Here’s the results of what the finance industry did to people.

YAY! Thanks!



That is deadset hilarious. Like a scene from The Hollowmen.


Now Freudenberg trying to work out how he can hold off paying Hayne.


I feel bad for abusing the cameraman who couldn’t hold a steady image on today’s Insiders. After five minutes of wobbling CRASH he collapses and they cut to video package.


Lol yeah, that was bizzare/funny, feel a bit bad after as I laughed. Shorten looked like he was going to.

The shot kept moving to Shortens feet, was thinking wtf? Surely someone should’ve realised he was struggling earlier.

Hope they are OK.


Author Clementine Ford has resigned from her long-running column for Nine’s newspaper arm, criticising the publisher and saying she was disciplined over a tweet calling Prime Minister Scott Morrison a “f***ing disgrace”.

So fair comment is unacceptable!!! How sad


I see the Libs have announced they are going to do a relentlessly negative advertising campaign for this election. (Hardly surprising since that, and “vote for us and we might give you a tax cut” is the only strategy they ever have). This may well be funded from kickback from the $500 million they gave the Reef foundation, $29 million to Uncle Rupert, etc.

Anyway, in advance of this scare campaign, which will be targeted in part against Labor’s plan to stop some of the tax rorts, here is a piece I saw explaining the dividend imputation scheme (sic):

Dividend imputation for those who do not understand it.

Companies that pay tax as the should, mostly banks and Telstra (which is not to say that they don’t do a great deal they should not do), issue certificates with their dividends that show the tax has been paid. The shareholders do not have to pay tax on those dividends. That’s pretty fair. Such dividends are called fully franked.

In the latter part of the Howard years, Little Johnny decided that:

  1. Retirees should pay no tax on their superannuation earnings, only on other income, such as property income and unfranked dividends. There is now a limit of $1.6 million dollars to the super that can produce tax-exempt income, but that still means around $80k of tax exempt income.

  2. Retirees should get tax rebates equal to the tax that they would have had to pay on their ranked dividends had they not been franked. Wot? They had not paid any tax on them, but they get a rebate.

  3. If recipients of franked dividends have zero taxable income, because of point 1, the tax office will pay them what they would have received as a rebate if they had taxable income to pay tax on.

Now, your retiree has been a CEO , being paid $5 million a year, and has over time acquired fully franked shares that provide, say, $300,000 in dividends each year. He has put all his funds, except the allowable $1.6 mill into those shares, and therefore has no taxable income. His actual income is $80k from the super earnings, and $300,000 from dividends. And whadda you know, the lovely tax office, that would once have charged him $90,000 on the dividends, but didn’t, because they were fully franked, sends him a cheque each year for $90,000.

The Labor policy is to stop that payment of the “refund” of tax that was never paid in the first place.

Those who have been getting those tax credits, are, understandably, a bit miffed at losing their lollies, but they have had around ten years of that bonus. While non share- owning pensioners get slugged 50 cents for every dollar of income over $86 per week.

The government giveth to those who have plenty, and taketh away from those who have bugger-all. And Labor says, " Ah, no. There is no possible justification for those handouts. We can use that money for hospitals, and schools, and pensions, and Newstart."

Which seems to me to be perfectly reasonable.