Australian Politics, Mark II


Schultz also came out saying the Libs were dishonest and hypocritical. Such keen observational skills will be missed in Parliament. Tell us something we don’t know!

Great to see the Libs imploding like this. Could only be better if they dragged FCFC (of which Menzies was #1 ticket holder for many years) along with them.


Mundine must be impatient if he can’t wait 3+ years of opposition* out to actually establish himself wherever he chooses to run.

*unless Morrison can summon up a couple Tampa-scale scares in the next few months


Seems that the only thing that motivates W Mundine is a well paid job funded by taxpayers. He’s the ultimate political ‘utility’. Will serve whom ever if the fee is right.


Mundine’s 63. He can’t wait three years — he’s got to organise his superannuation !


Would it be wrong to gazette the IPA as a terrorist organisation?


Not wrong at all. At a minimum it is an enemy of the people.


Ok then…all members should be sent to Guantánomo, or at least replace those currently on Manus.


Some far right ball bags put up a bedsheet at a 20 20 saying it’s ok to be white.

I immediately thought of this;


I always think of this


M Keenan (Stirling WA) is the latest government member/minister to jump ship at the next election. The internal polling must look appalling.


At least Scullion farking off gives the indigenous population something to celebrate today.


just putting this here - a post by a Nobel laureate in economics, Paul Krugman, asked about the much beloved Tory trick of “trickle down”:

"There is no debate over trickle down . The evidence against supply-side economics has been decisive for decades; even George W. Bush’s chief economist called its proponents “charlatans and cranks.” I don’t know a single economist with an independent reputation (that is, someone who has done respected work outside the political arena) who takes trickle down seriously.

So why does it seem to casual observers that this is still a debate? Because there’s a lot of big money supporting supply-side doctrine. It’s a lot like climate change denial: all the denialists, and all the trickle-down economists, are basically on the payroll of interest groups. Don’t dignify this money-fueled “argument” by pretending that facts or logic matter here".


Because is like every other thing the right debate, either they know the reality and are just self absorbed ■■■■■ who don’t give a rats ■■■■ about who their crap actually effects as long as they make bank, or, they are literal idiots who believe anything they are told.


There seems to be talk that ol’ Beetroot Head Barnaby is heading to WA. Worried about Tony Windsor, I’d say.

Anyone else heard this?

I picked it up in a tweet about ol’ Asbestos Julie’s future.


Wot? Is he coming over to WA to molest more Nats women?

Doubt he would be welcome even amongst the ratbag right loonies in the WA Nats.


Troglodyte Tony is facing some competition.

Hope she makes it!


My father Rest In Peace spent his last years breathing with the help of a machine. Hundreds of other victiorians live like he did.

She’s calling for a forced blackout to prove a political point.

What a cow


Didn’t know we were counting winter olympians as Olympians


Are you surprised that Pauline is Pro-Blackout?

She’ll take a blackout however she can


It’s more that Pauline wants blacks out…and browns and ones with a yellowish tinge.