Australian Politics, Mark II


The mystery to me is why the LNP is polling in the mid 40’s.

Too many Australians obviously consider mediocre, self-serving, incompetent, toss-pots to be capable of performing in the role of government.


Dutton doesn’t like answering Leigh Sales’ questions too much.


It does. Yes, margins of error but my concern was that the next poll would hold or tighten more. Looks like it’s effectively maintaining. In saying that, my mate involved in polling is constantly depressed about the responses he gets. People concerned about health and education, the environment, etc. voting LNP. Don’t like Shorten but can’t describe why. Like Morrison but can’t describe why.


The Poll bludger is actually living up to it’s name it seems, and hasn’t even reported on this poll, let alone updated it’s aggregate I referred to in that original post, … but it will clearly be a better result than that showed with this latest one factored in.

Starting to get more hopeful that Murfuchs influence is truly waning.

Next month or so will be telling once they ramp up the scare after todays result.


He’s going to be extra shouty tomorrow.


Must have Bill’s number on speed dial now. “Err, you sure you don’t want to catch up for a chat?”

Edit: I thought you meant Murdoch. Lol.


February 23rd, 2019


A boat of asylum seekers/illegal immigrants/rapists and murders (this depends on whether you read ABC/Murdoch/radio shock jocks) has landed on Christmas Island.

“This is on Bill Shorten’s head,” Peter Dutton announced to a waiting media, who watched the arrival from the beach on Christmas Island, after a tipoff that Michaelia Cash assured everyone wasn’t from her office. “We’ll need to open several thousand detention centres and give the contract to those two guys with an office on Kangaroo Island. They’ll probably need to charge at least a miillion dollars per illegal immigrant and that’s why the deficit has blown out again!”

Back in Canberra, Scott Morrison was asked if this meant that his border protection policies had failed. He replied that this was almost certainly Shorten’s fault, and whatever, “No information on boats got through under my watch, so if it was a stuff-up, it was on Dutton’s watch, and we know that even though he wasn’t as good as me and I’m PM, I’m still ambitious for him and we certainly agree that most important thing is that this is why Shorten must never be PM.”



The Coalition really should be in a better position. Unemployment is low with a lot of full time positions being added, growth has been fairly steady, the housing markets in Sydney and Melbourne have fallen without crashing the economy and budget looks to beheading towards surplus. For a conservative government that’s about as good as it gets.


Mmm, … if only they weren’t the worst bunch of arsehats to ever be in Gov in the Country’s history eh?


*Nearly tripled gross debt


Yeah but… my franking dividends that I don’t even have!



So, Dutton and his henchman Hunt will have to take the blame when those boats, murderers and terrorists invade us after the Bill passes the Senate.
Estimates starts soon, should be fun.


House of Reps has corrected - Fadden Government lost a Budget amendment in 1941.


More than that, I would not be surprised if some Tory backers sponsored a few leaky boats to be sent out from Indonesia. Wouldn’t cost much and could keep those lovely franking credits and other tax breaks coming through.


Really ? It’s the standard Irish pronunciation of “idiot”. Check out Father Ted.


“Fekkin eejit” for effect.


Do the Coalition actually believe the whole boat people thing will make them win this next election? This lot have lost the plot completely.


It has worked for them in the past.

Hopefully we have moved on from the idolatry of Howard that they seem not to have shaken.