Australian Politics, Mark II




It’s time for Bill Shorten to follow Daniel Andrews lead, in implementing many of the Greens environmental policies.


Not much point.
The Greens would vote against them.



speaking of that, it seems to have disappeared in to the ether.


wtf is with the victorian government running anti federal government ads? seems like a sneaky rort to me.


Couldn’t even put a scratch on the level of sneaky bastardry the Libs IPL etc and MurFuch are employing.

Need to get sneakier, … go as hard as they can. Fight fire with fire.

Bring on another Mediscare!!


with their own money, yeah sure go as hard as you want! don’t use victorian money for it though.


Maybe the Vic government thinks the fed govt is so ■■■■ they consider it a public safety message.


Worth every cent if it helps get them in with a solid majority. Plenty of benifits back to Vic afterwards.

Think of it as a very worthy investment in the States future. :wink:


hand on heart, if the parties were reversed would you be saying the same things?


Of course not!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Like I said, the Left is always behind the 8 Ball already, & something like this is only going part way to levelling the playing field.


These days I only have to think about the Money poured into the rampant rabid scare campaign to kill the Mining Tax & filthy lying attack ads on Labor that came along with it, wholly funded by big money interests rather than the Libs actual coffers, and the way the Libs on the back of shitt like that, whinge and rant about a mob like Get Up! who are funded by $20 a month concerned little people like myself, to be completely ok with any exercises in skullduggery Labor engages in to fight back against the prickz.


Watch out for Sharma if he gets in and pushes for more politicisation of the public service. He is now saying DFAT needs to be more pro-active political in its digital sites.
He is probably smarting from being brought into line for his maverick behaviour when Ambassador for Israel. He is involved with Israeli tech companies and is promoting them in Australia. No conflict of interest there?


The last thing, the absolute last thing the public service needs is more politicization.


Received my first piece of fb political posting. A bit disappointing that people I know believe this ■■■■ and do the ‘send to all’.

Labor, the Greens & Unions also have signed an agreement to introduce a 40% inheritance tax.Everything you own cannot go to your kids or next of kin at death 40% goes to the govt.Please share this with all your friends.


The funny thing is the first sentence makes it clear that Shorten is extracting the urine re: the Lib’s desperation.


What a disgraceful scare campaign! Stupid people will believe it, too.


Inheritance taxes in Japan range up to 55% (highest in the world). Trust there isn’t a skerrick of truth to the above. I don’t need governments in two countries trying to impoverish me.


Not only stupid people are believing it.


Surely by definition…?