Australian Politics, Mark II


The people who I received this from are street smart people who have built a small business into a successful one thru hard work. Educated, have travelled o/s and quite normal. But, for some reason they refuse to critically assess the info, they re just taking it at face value.




Not sure if stupid = lazy or naive .


I don’t have a FB account but everything I’ve ever seen of it looks like it’s BS.
Is there ever any truth posted on FB?


Unfortunately alot of people has fb and probably all vote. This type of campaign is insidious and hard to discredit . Even though i did message back the ‘facts as they stand today’, this person would have sent it to a couple of hundred people, of whom, would also believe it and send it on.


medi scare anyone…i suppose everyone has forgotten about that one!


I’m no fan of any scare campaign. Tell me what your plans are for your next term and then I’ll consider and vote accordingly.


I certainly haven’t. Very proud of that one.

It was so good to see the Fear Monger Party get a taste of their own medicine for once.


Did you charge them a $6 fee for the privilege?


Remember when our parents were all like “don’t believe everything you read on the internet”? Good times


Who is following #watergate?


I am, in a big way. It’s further proof the LNP is as corrupt as they come. Angus and Barnaby are just the ones messy enough to get caught.

Surely you see this as corrupt @Bacchusfox?


The Project gave it a run but the MSM seems to be staying away, possibly for legal reasons ( not fully sourced) although the Michael West report is drawn from public records.
Taylor is claiming that SOME of the reporting is incorrect but won’t say which bits are correct.


Watergate will be given a run on Insiders tomorrow


Probably corrupt in what normal sane people think, but Barnaby and his Mates sincerely believe that these rules do not apply to them.

I have had the misfortune to spend time with Barnaby and his is a severely deluded bloke.


One thing politically we can agree on. Absolute moron


Caretaker period has done wonders for FOI processes. CSIRO and Geoscience release handwritten notes on Adani meetings to ABC within the FOI time line, no extensions requested!



Barnaby lawyering up and Agriculture Dept issues media rekease - corecting some facts aired on the Project and pretty much justifying the buyback on environmental grounds . That leaves the issues of the price paid, who approved and where the money went.
All this surfacing in the MSM at a time when Taylor and co were probably going to launch an attack on ALP climate change policies and energy costs.