Australian Politics, Mark II



Scullin is — or least used to be* — one of the safest ALP seats in the country, so his resignation won’t make much difference.

*Back in the 1960’s the bloke who was in charge of the local Liberal branch had to sign up his and the VP’s dogs to make up the membership numbers. Going by how some clubs cook their membership books these days, he was ahead of his time.


So the bill the LNP passed to help with the mass extinction was the one about pharmaceutical testing in animals? These guys are a joke. Just talk about your one policy you clowns. Reducing tax for people who already have plenty.


Was listening to the radio yesterday when picking up the young girl from school. They were discussing Shorten choking back emotions about the attack in his mum’s legacy. Some caller gets on there and basically calls him a wuss and says we need a PM with balls. How the ■■■■ do people still think it’s alright to think this way? Everyone gets sad. Particularly when it’s something ■■■■■■ plastered across the papers. Regressive bullshit which is related to blokes not coping and doing the unthinkable. I hope this turns people’s thoughts in the election and mental well-being. It’s about ■■■■■■■ time isn’t it?


Some people’s confirmation bias is totally out of control that’s why.



My favourite the last couple of days ‘I asked bill shorten to guarantee house prices won’t go down and rents won’t go up…AND HE COULDNT!!!’


I have said it before — the Tories only have two policies: greed and fear. They offer bribes to appeal to greed, and they offer threats to encourage fear. Their calls for fear appeal to two distinct groups: those that are timid and easily frightened, but also those who like to be identified with the “strong” side… those people are bullies, they pick up on the rhetoric and think that makes them tough too. That caller was one of these people.


My mum has been on holidays for four weeks and has to vote the day after she returns. She asked if she should still vote Labor cause they are doing a death tax and will take away disability pensions and force sell her house to retire. I asked where she heard that and she said facebook. :tired_face:

I was rather upset, not so much at her but the fact this stuff floats around and can affect people.


Come on Perce, only because I live in a capitalist regime and have wife and ex-wives to maintain

I would be a wonderfully nice dictator


It’s man shift today.
I mention it in here because I know 'trip is such a fan.


What is this media obsession with election campaigns and fkg handshakes?


Oh man, the mileage I’ve gotten out of throwing the “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” lesson back in my dad’s face…


The problem is not so much believing, or not believing what is on the internet - the problem is being able to critically analyse what is presented on the net. If you search “are apples bad for you?” you will find a plethora of articles pointing out the dangers of eating apples. If you type in 'are apples good for you?", you will find articles highlighting the nutritional value of eating apples. You will find what you are looking for. People share news items from the entire spectrum of political thought - left to right. If all your Facebook friends are left-leaning you will see more articles pushing that particular point of view.
What I would like to see more of is people from both sides of the debate presenting their point of view in the same forum. This is so missing from traditional and new media.
The art of disagreement has fallen so far that we are constantly watching, listening and reading from people who agree.


Sounds a good theory, except the Liberals have no policy, no plan and not much of anything but to bag everyone else. Not a basis for a real debate.

In fact, most I know who vote LNP, are really just anti-Labor voters, who know nothing of their sides agenda.


LNP committee to reducing energy costs, by dropping the price to wholesalers.

Is this how trickle down economics works?


So true. And the right-wing, conservative voters who are voting based on actual issues are now voting PUP, ON or any number of other deplorable right-wing micro parties.


Nicely done from Labor. A better budget surplus over time than the LNP (beating them at their own game) by changes to negative gearing (not effecting anyone yet), franking credits (effects wealthy 4% of the population) and reversing tax cuts (effects wealthy 1% of the population who will stash it away anyway). Morrison’s reply? It’s a big extra tax on everybody that will take money out of the economy.

Is this Opposite Day? Wait, that’s every day when it come to LNP economic policy.


This has to be the lamest election campaign in living memory. If it wasn’t for C Palmer’s highly xenophobic advertisements and spam texting, you wouldn’t even know there is an election on this weekend.


Have you missed the cat fight in Curtin? Two Tories (one very very right wing who got the gig and the other just very right wing who was miffed at missing out) going head to head using the Libs’ own dirty tricks against each other.