Australian Politics, Mark II


I did see that but two forked tongued lizard witches fighting over a gilt tiara isn’t my idea of entertainment. And it speaks volumes about the quality of parliamentarian in the 21st century.



sigh more bipartisan policies to increase the cost of housing and to encourage people to take on extra debt…


Watch this:

So Liberal spend a record, unfathomable amounts on new defence contracts just before the election, so in 3 years when Labour are in power they can say how they “got in debt”.



current polling is suggesting Burnside is going to beat out Frydenburg in Kooyong


Yes and no. The banks still do the same checks if you can afford new loans, it’s not really “you can now get a house with a 5% deposit”. If the difference between getting a loan is the LMI then the banks won’t let you get a loan really. And also if you look at the fine print it’s only 10,000 people only, and the amount of FHB was over 100,000 last year so really it’s maybe 10% in total, so the effect will be small. But yes I agree housing will increase which is exactly what Morrison said he wanted, which is the problem in the first place because he’s supposed to be tackling housing affordability.


I drove through there yesterday and Frydenburg’s posters all had Hitler moustaches and penises drawn on his face. Didn’t see any graffiti on the Burnside posters. The people have spoken!


Yay Cooper! We rock.


Yes but you used to have the best electorate named after a superhero. Who the hell is Cooper? (actually I know who Cooper is and it was a good move).


Yes we do


If there’s such a thing as political pornografy, then that’s it.


I’m more interested in seeing the back of Abbott and Dutton and others of their ilk.


Yep, they definitely deserve Hitler moustaches and penises to be drawn on their faces.


??? I thought Greens’ own polling says Tory 52 to Burnside 48?


I’m on his mailing list and he sent out one this morning sayings he can get up on preferences. Its close, like a couple of hundred votes


That was probably done by the Tory’s own people so he can get the votes of the easily outraged and also gives him a chance to play the Jewish card again. Just wait for it…!


This will be my first federal election in Kooyong. After voting in Hawthorn for the state election, looking forward to Saturday.


I can’t remember if the cartoon penises were circumcised or not, so not sure if the Jewish angle is there.


The posters of Oliver Yates, the independent former Lib ( strong on climate change) were also defaced in the same way. He is backed by Simon Holmes a Court and possibly also Alex Turnbull. I would have thought he would have more appeal to the moderate Liberals than Burnside.


My evil old Sister is on Frydenburgs campaign committee. She says that he will win on Labor preferences !

My own Labor sources reckon that it depends on primary votes, Greens vs Labor. If Burnside gets more primaries than Labor, Frydenburg will win. If Labor gets more than Greens, then Greens preferences will get them over the line.

I don’t give a Fark, as Julian is actually more a Labor bloke than a Greenie anyway.