Australian Politics, Mark II


Maybe you have something there!
My wife has mentioned in the past how even the little towns in villages in Switzerland and Austria had a good variety of men’s clothing. I have real trouble buying footwear in Asia especially though as it’s nigh on impossible to buy size 12-13’s :rofl:


I tried to post this as a hyperlink, but cannot seem to manage it. Gives a different slant on the John Setka story.


The LNP vote was down in WA but not enough for any seats to change hands.


Stage managed by Albanese - there is far more damaging evidence on the public record connected to his court case.


Do you include decent Trots among these ?

Cuba ? No, you said Cuba was too hot.

France’ll do me, near Toulouse. Or Portugal, even, now that Salazar’s well rotted.


Yep, near Toulouse is nice and houses are really affordable, Sitges near Barcelona is OK. Love Portugal, stayed in a place near he Spanish border in the Algarve once that was really special, and no Pommy tourists.


Domestic Violence is never nice, seems though the John is back with Emma and all past sins are forgotten. The only charge is the harassment by phone and text, so the rest will not be mentioned.


Small town in Bavaria checking in here. We have a couple of department stores around the main square, and a few smaller stores. H&M seems to lean towards the women, C&A towards the men. Smaller stores seem to lean towards women, however it’s not something I’ve taken particular note of.

Enough solar panels and wind turbines around to give Tony Abbott an aneurysm.


I would have thought that the work that Rose Batty and others have done around Domestic Violence has affected Men’s rights is actually a no-brainer, so I am not sure why she thinks that is ludicrous.

Making the world a safer place for women both in the family and in society, does by necessity take away from what some men have seen as a right, but also the defensive posture women must take does affect all men.

My advice to women is always to be very careful walking in a dark street at night and treat all men as potential predators, Obviously all men are not predators, but safety is more important than my feelings.

In our Courts it often seems that men are guilty until proven innocent, but again the odds have been stacked so much against women that I have no problem with a turnaround.

So while some men can be unhappy that they have lost some “rights” maybe we just need to suck it up and work harder to eliminate violence and poor abusive behaviour towards women.


It’s ludicrous to take away men’s rights to attack women?


Dunno where to start BF. Not sure you really have a horse in that race so best to stay out of it. Off to Porto after the US sale, blissfully fade out methinks and good fortune too as the world burns down.

It does seem the media are following this story with much more hunger than anything else right now. Something everyone can get indignant about is a much juicier prospect.


Some men once believed they had that “right”. Probably some still believe it.


All blokes have a horse in this race.


Some get disqualified after years of running the wrong way


And many wear blinkers.


Weird hill BM.

I really can’t name one thing that I feel my “blokieness” is at threat from let alone a right that has been lost.


All of this is weird.
Brown is not my colour.


Thought you’d made an ‘early exit’ from the horse racing metaphors, first read that as “And many wear bikinis”. You’d be right in both instances.


It looks like J Setka made a clumsy observation about increased perceived challenges men are facing in relation to post relationship arrangements rather that having a go a R Batty personally. Whether his views are right or wrong have been lost in the scramble by the right and it’s co-conspirators in the media to sink the slipper into a so-called union ‘thug and standover guy’ and to conflate what he has said with ‘unions are bad and Labor are bad also’. Seems like Setka’s enemies on his side of the fence have taken the opportunity to join as well.

I like Albo but he has gone weak at the knees at the first opportunity. Instead of re-directing the debate back to what Setka actually said (which should be debated), he rolled over pretty quickly. There is a lot not to like about J Setka but this example of stacks on the mill is prime example of political opportunism at it’s worst.


Albo has had a serious makeover. Hair lightened ( grey de-emphasised) and neatly coiffed, complexion a uniformly wheatish color. No visible pimples, rashes, and no 5 o’clock shadow. Fair enough, we don’t want our pollies looking like used car salesmen. FCS , please make these people at least look real. !