Australian Politics, Mark II


The other Costello…


Pensioners calling up Centrelink asking for the franking credits. FMD humanity is devolving before our eyes.


Too right!

They should be calling Scummo asking for their franking credits.




Socialist Alliance is not a communist party at all, it is socialist, very big difference.

It is actually closer to a Social Democrat Party, though they do have a few nutters in their ranks, a lot less than the LNP though.


Surgeons don’t use the title Doctor for historical reasons. In England surgery was a trade until the 19th century and surgeons didn’t qualify to be titled Doctor. The Royal College of Surgeons continued that practise even as surgeons were required to attain the same degree as physicians.



Glorified barbers.


Some pensioners think they are entitled to franking credits so are calling centrelink to receive the money they think they are entitled to. This is despite not owning shares.


If you are still OS, try catching up with the 7.3O report Laura TIngle interview with Denis Richardson on the AFP media raids. A lot of code in their exchanges. He says he would have only referrred to the AFP if the leaked document is classified as top secret, but that such classification is rare and that once an AFP referral is made the referring authority loses control of the agenda.
Leaves open the question why the McBride documents were classified as top secret. Also, why the AFP pursued the Newscorp journo for a document that was not top secret. Rumour has it that it was an anti-Dutton Lib that passed it on.
Also, as Tingle noted, in her experience, most leaks come from Ministerial staffers. Somehow, unlike public servants, they don’t warrant the same level of investigation, as evidenced by the AFP discontinuance of another investigation.


Thanks @bigallan I’ll try and watch it. I think as you noted before ministerial staff don’t necessarily have clearances.

Also Richardson is no fan of Pezzello.


If staffers have access to the secure digital network, they would have a level of security clearance, but top secret stuff would not normally be conveyed on those channels. I never knew whether they had access to the locked safe hand bags, but assumed that Ministers did.
My problem with the staffers was that they are not subject to the rigorous legal security conditions imposed on public servants ( including acceptance that they have no personal privacy); that the staffers see their duty as to the Minister of the day and can therefore be careless or not sufficiently informed on the dimensions of national security.
I can see why Richardson might not be a fan of the Pez, who gives the appearance of acting as a staffer while enyoing the security of tenure of a public servant.



The consequence the “those poor retirees” rhetoric.

Dinosaurs voting for the meteor.


Walking down the street today, I’ve noticed so many empty shop fronts that not long ago, we’re bustling… and a number of small business that are closing down.

For a government that prides itself of supporting small businesses, and businesses that were hell bent on making sure the ALP werent elected… things sure are dire.

The fact is, with cost of living… rent/mortgage, Energy bills, fuel, Groceries, Private Health, etc.
There is very little money to be spent on luxuries that are provided by small businesses.

Yet LNP are more than happy to be pumping Billions upon billions, into the necessities that we’re already paying for… with no improvement in cost of living.

Investing in the Australian people should be the priority. As this stimulates the economy. Not investing in Multi-nationals.


People are still spending. Online shopping has gone through the roof in the last couple of years which has forced smaller stores to close down.
Some of the figures I have seen at our work in the 6 months have been staggering and that arm of the company is raking in millions from it. I must admit I’m at fault as much as anyone else as despite doing all our grocery shopping at independent butchers, greengrocers etc, I cant recall the last time I purchased clothing in store. All our shoes and clothing are purchased online


I do not buy clothes online, but one thing I noticed on my trip through Europe was that you get such a massively wider range of men’s clothes to choose from.

Barcelona has about 2 million people and some great shops to choose from. Not a cheap place, but choice is amazing. Shops here offer a poor range, ■■■■■ quality with cheap prices.


Agree. I suppose they rely a bit on the tourist market?
I know in Adelaide we have lost 3 or 4 major menswear joints like Ed Harry.
Even the women’s stores like Country Road, Witchery etc have had a huge drop in off the street sales but a dramatic rise in internet orders.


What if they don’t fit or don’t suit you?


Send them back. Most will offer free returns. I only buy stuff from reputable stores.


Not sure about that, it is the same all over Europe. You can go to a small town in Germany and they will have quality men’s wear stores.

Maybe Ausdie guys are just too bogan


It’s not just online it’s the mega stores/malls.

Most of my shopping is going to a mall or home centre or bunnings or Dan Murphy’s etc. I go down the street to eat or get coffe but not shop.