Australian Politics, Mark II


Dumb comment that is not true. Haters just have to hate huh !


He did keep his colleagues in check. Not an easy thing to do for 5 minutes let alone six years.


What a disgusting performance by the Queensland government! They have deliberately delayed the Adani mine whilst racking up massive debt for the state!
I Can only hope the change of direction is listening to the Australian people and using some common sense rather than trying to save their ■■■■■.
Regardless, it looks like Adani will be moving forward which will be good for our economy. Also, it seems like the full mine has been approved so it could potentially expand to further increase the benefits for Australia. A fantastic result.


When 90% of the people who thought they are going to get ongoing highly paid jobs out of this realise they’ve been had as the demand for coal continues to decline and and the realities of CC become more apparent, I guess there’ll still be a few ‘fanatics’ who think it’s a good thing.


So where is your evidence that coal reliance is "continuing to decline "? The last statistics suggested that it actually increased over the last year.

Seems like there is some great opportunities for our economy right now!


I’ll concede I don’t have current stats and am not about to look for them at 8.30 on a Saturday night, but this is projected as a 20+ years project, isn’t it?


I can promise that it has actually increased world wide.

Yes, I’d guess it’s a 20+ year mine as most are due to the setup timeframe, costs and therefore longevity.

Adani are not investing in this project to provide money to Australia, to please me, the Queensland people. Nor are they doing so displease you or climate alarmists. They are doing so to make money. So no doubt they have done their business case.

The business case could be wrong (doubt it) but regardless the project will help our economy at least in the short term and personally I think well beyond.


The only good thing about this, is that if it ever does go ahead, the resultant Bankruptcy will be the end of Adani.


World wide coal demand is growing. 2.9% last year and 1% the year before. That growth is likely to continue in the short term and overall demand solid for decades.
Adani has approval to be a massive mine and will be profitable when it grows beyond the cut down version that was on the table for a while.
The coal demand and usage will be there regardless if we supply it or another country does. For that reason it’s completely logical that we take advantage of a great natural resource.


At last there is something you wrote that I can agree with.

(And just in case WW edits the original: yes, he really did type “fanatic”!)


See this is the bit that’s frustrating.

What do ‘we’ benefit?

Sure there’s some jobs on the local area, but where do the profits go?

And what for the environment in the localised area, and globally as the fuel is burned. The damage to the area will never be returned to normal, and everyone globally, particularly where it’s burnt, has to content with the increased air pollution (whether you agree with climate change or not).


I love how all this mining in Qld is creating jobs & the taxpayers get off scott free.

I wonder what werewolf thinks of this:


I’m sure you don’t get these ads in the city but we get a lot of mining ads showing these pristine pastures which are remedied after years of damage.

I don’t believe them either.


Sounds like Linc Energy did a great job of remedying the pristine pastures that used to be at their Darling Downs site.


I probably shouldn’t bite but there is so much within your post that is part of the problem and shockingly misguided and wrong.
I’ll say upfront that my skills are required in a lot of industry and mining is one although I have never worked for a cole miner. Examples for me are banking, media, mining, construction/building, medical and retail.
I have however worked for a mining company and their commitment and assistance to the local community was incredible and in some cases life changing for the local community.

  1. Where do we benefit? Jobs and this extends well beyond the mine with supporting industries. Further to this There will be royalties paid to Australia. This is how mining works with Australian miners working outside of Australia.

Maybe google mining? Surely even a simpleton would think that a country would only provide mining access to an external company if that country is going to get something out of it…use some basic logic!

  1. Environment. Not sure if you ignored my initial post but demand for cole has increased globally. Regardless if we supply it or another country it’s going to happen! In actual fact our coal is actually lower emission than some others.

  2. Damage to the environment returned to normal- As mentioned I have previously worked for a non cole miner and actually visisted a mine site where they proudly showed me their regeneration activities as they had moved on to different areas. It was certainly miles better than the surrounding areas prior to their mining. I’d suggest you research this and go and speak to mining companies, visit minesites rather than assume they ■■■■ on the country and move on to ■■■■ elsewhere.

Sadly there are rusted on Labour/greens voters on this site and the brainwashed school and uni students that are fed a myriad of left wing idealogies.

There are so many people being brainwashed and blindly accepting a con aimed to fleece certain sections through agenda 21 (Google it if you are unaware).

Hopefully I get to play a poker game with you one day.


Cole mining eh?, :no_mouth:

I’ll take you up on that Poker game. I’m guessing Scrabble is out.


As I am a simpleton and you are so smart, can you link me to the mine that you have worked with (presumably as a marketer) that’s done an amazing job with revegetation?


how is coal a great natural resource?


Some of our Australian Mining Companies, including BHP have a disgraceful record in terms of farking the environment, both in Australia and Overseas. Mariana Mine in Brazil, Ok Tedi Mine in PNG, other sites in Indonesia and Philippines. Rio Tinto screwed over traditional Land Owners in a number of places and spillage from waste dams at Uranium Mines in Northern Territory is common.

I have been to many Mine Sites across the World including coal as we are a preferred supplier for most mining companies. The remediation works that are done are mostly just the outside wrapping, and nothing is done ensure water systems are protected and future erosion will not occur.

And seriously, don’t give us this nonsense about how the local community gets so much assistance and support. Absolute peanuts in terms of what they pull out of the ground, and considering the mess they leave behind, it is never worth it. A few sets of footy jumpers just doesn’t cut it in my view. Even in our Town, we have massive sand-pits that are an eye-sore and a nuisance now; returning fark all to our local community.

And you are a simpleton if you think this is a Left Wing Issue. Look at the support in the blue ribbon Liberal seats for better environment policy. It beats me why you even want to make it a Left vs Right issue, when it is not about politics but about the future.

Actually read about Mariana in Brazil, might even make you cry.


Pictionary would be ok though.