Australian Politics, Mark II


This is why you need to be on blitz 24/7!
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(To continue the gag, you probably should’ve drawn this, but I’ll let you off this time)


This is how those in power perpetually keep the boot on our necks mate - they keep dividing and conquering by perpetuating the left v right dogma when the reality is most folk are pretty much the ■■■■■■■ same.


What a load of tosh. Plenty of dyed in the wool Libs such as myself are dead against it aswell. It’s not a left v right issue at all


Sure there will be plenty of disappointed souls on Blitz with Bernardi deregistering his party after doing so well at the recent election.


Except if he resigns early it is a lib who fills it. Georgina Downer is touted as replacement after two failed attempts at Mayo.


He won’t resign as he loves the public attention too much. Reading some people’s views, they believe he achieved his goal of forcing the libs back to right when Turnbull was ditched.


Seeing on Twitter that ALP will allow LNP 30% flat tax rate through Parliament.

Wowee - they don’t even pretend to be for workers anymore.


I will try and explain it to you.

The economy is farked. The Government will not spend money but will not achieve a surplus. Labor wanting these tax cuts may do two things, stimulate the economy and avoid a recession, and completely fark over the Government as if they bring these tax cuts forward the budget surplus will be completely in the shitteer.


The Liberals picked a hell of a time to win the election. Trying to egg people to believe all is well, its all fixable, we’ll just drop the cash rate, don’t worry its only self funded retirees that will take a hit. Wrong!

Wonder when do the Reserve Bank will start printing money (a little bit of easing) like so many other countries in our non- existent predicament have done. They can fudge the unemployment figures as much as they like. And kid everyone and first home buyers the housing boom is still booming. Our economy is on the nose.


If the Gov’t wants to stimulate the economy it needs to start spending money on actual productive ■■■■. Giving tax breaks which overwhelmingly favour the wealthy is the opposite of this.


Does anyone want to explain the difference between the ALP’s evil, wasteful GFC stimulus payment and the Liberal’s sensible tax rebate to me?


Not sure this is rhetorical or not but I’ll assume not

ALP GFC stimulus payment saved Australia from a recession in 2009 by putting money into the hands of Australians who would immediately spend that money into the economy.

The LNP tax relief, which disproportionately favour high income earners, will be thrown straight into savings accounts and not spent into the economy. We saw how the Trump tax cuts were used by corporations to buy back their own shares rather than increase the wages of workers. This will be the same. So it will be a double whammy of reducing the tax base while also failing to stimulate the economy in any meaningful way.


Only partly rhetorical.
I was hoping for someone to defend, or at least explain, the Libs rebate.

Especially if that person thought the stimulus payments were unnecessary, because I recall there were a lot here that did.

Edit: And I’m not even asking about the high income tax breaks. I’m asking about the low to middle income rebates of a thousand bucks, which seem very similar to the stimulus payments.


A difference between the GFC money is that back then most people spent it on discretionary items, now many will just pay their power bills.

The major difference was the stimulus Rudd/Swan issued to building programs in schools and for communities. In our area it gave tradies a massive boost, employing more people and buying materials from locals shops/


What’s this about, is it income tax or company tax? ( not on twitter and couldn’t see any articles)


Yep, and at the next election, the Tories will blame all that on Labor again (even though they would have been out of government by a decade by then) and of course the MSM will back them to the hilt.


Income tax


Give Bernadi slot to Gil, nephew of Ian , former Cabinet Minister. Then brother Hamish can disappear into the Bastion sunset with Vlad