Australian Property Market

Interested in everyone’s thoughts on the property market. Will the slide let up any time soon? Are we broadly headed to a full on recession which will extend the pain? Or are we finally seeing a long overdue, multi-generational correction and end to the bubble?

Do I look like Andrew Welsh?!


or disco or Bomber Thompson?

Not sure, post a pick and I’ll tell you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not getting very positive vibes about it. Going to sell an apartment we’ve had for a few years and put the money to better use.

I’m happy if it keeps sliding, might be able to take advantage. Brisbane seems more stable than Melbourne and Sydney, so not expecting anything crazy here. Some predictions of at least some recovery in 6 months or so, don’t know how credible that is

Don’t think the ‘slide’ will last much longer.

The dip is done.
71% clearance rates in Melbourne on a day it friggin’ bucketed down.
There were bargains to be had for the last 12 months.

No doubt the Liberals getting another term would have eased a lot of the fears that they themselves were drumming up.


Def bouncing back in northcote, tho I reckon you could probably still get something for less than it was worth 12 months ago.

Ask the agents, apparently it’s ‘always a good time to buy/sell’

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I agree with that, and they’ll take a little while to get back to that.
But if the OP was asking how much longer property prices will fall, ummm negative two or three months.

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You can watch these monthly Corelogic videos on YouTube for recent trends:

The market has found its floor…now that the ALP won’t be changing the system…and we have had one rate reduction, with at least two more expected…and APRA easing serviceability assessments…etc…there are many forces at work to see that property prices stabilise here. But stabilisation is what they want, not another boom…Of course, small localised divergences will occur.