Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos/Matildas) (Part 2)

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Goosebumps on top of goosebumps watching this. Up there with my favourite sporting moments of all-time.


Going to be a cracker of a match

2nd biggest football moment this country has had imo

Progressing the furthest it has ever gone is surely the biggest moment

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Yep, this is easily the biggest Australia’s sporting moment

The Uruguay match in 2005 is still the biggest moment for me. If the girls win the WC it will surpass it


beating a top 5 side to get into the semis feels as significant if not more

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i agree. that was compounded by falling short of qualifying in 97 and 01 so had a lot more behind it

obviously a tillies win would be #1, but for mine at the moment it’s still behind 05 and freeman’s 400m win (-edit- aus sport in general)


Qualification to a World Cup doesn’t compare…… except Nostalgia

at the time though it was the biggest achievement the sport had had in aus

of course it pales in comparison as an achievement, but as a “moment” everyone’s going to have different associations with what it meant

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how the fk is anyone in this country going to get any work done on wednesday


Get both squads to have a penalty shootout to decide.

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Biggest sporting moment is going to have so many qualifiers.

Perkins’ second Olympics win.
Smash them like guitars relay.
Australia II was big but I was very young.
Makybe Diva’s third Cup.
Probably a couple of boxing matches up there, too.

That’s off the top of my head.

well obviously arnold > schwarzer so we can already make that call

edit- wouldn’t it be funny it we get a third iconic goalkeeper called on second thoughts no it wouldn’t


excuse me thats Mackenzie ‘i’ll ■■■■■■■ do it again’ Arnold


Regardless of a win or loss against England, we still have 2 more matches to play at this World Cup.

People forget about the play off for 3rd place.

Removed the first part of your post. Because this. No one REALLY wants to play for 3rd…

Will be a distracted work force for sure!

On the morning shows they reported PM talking about possible public holiday on the following Monday too if we won it

Businesses won’t be happy!