Avengers End Game FULL SPOILERS

so what was everyone’s favourite moments?

Did you like the ending?

I saw it again last night, I actually enjoyed it more the second time.

I misread this as “Anzac Endgame Full Spoilers” and was not surprised.

The final battle could have gone for another 45 minutes and I wouldn’t have minded.

That Steve Rogers moment during the battle got me slightly aroused.

It was one of the funnier marvel movies.

The movie gave great closure for the characters, and actors who won’t be continuing on. Genuinely tear jerking moments towards the end.

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They did some nice memory-lane stuff for Cap and Stark, which in hindsight was probably a big red flag for them “surviving”.

When I got home the first question my wife asked was “does Thor get his shirt off?”. I told her his whole first scene was him shirtless and that she’ll love it.

I didn’t bother trying to follow the various time paradoxes/changing-the-future scenarios as I assumed it would be a distraction from just enjoying the movie.




By far my favorite Thor. The humor through the movie was good, probably the most they’ve done in an avengers movie.
Nice way to wrap up the story arc and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy with a tear in your eye.
As with most time travel best not to think too much about it or you find too many holes which can ruin it a little.
I enjoyed it, would watch again.

The time travel I didn’t find too confusing. They created alternate timelines by stealing the stones and Thor’s Hammer. And then closed them off again by going back and returning the objects. The main timeline can’t be altered at all.

But, it confuses me how Cap was able to go back, stay there, and then be old in the real timeline.

The girl power scene was a bit on the nose but I can look past it because they’re all pretty badass.

And if the next Guardians movie is going to be Asgardians of the Galaxy it’s already my favourite marvel movie

It was almost like each time travel created an alternate universe without having any impact on the ‘original’ timeline. Which does make Cap’s detour a little ‘complicated’,

I loved the fact that tony and cap both got the closure that they desperately wanted

In a lot of ways it was more of a character drama than an action film.

Scarjo dying I didn’t see coming at all, I thought Hawkeye was going to be the one to die. But it made complete sense

Cap wielding the hammer was fantastic. They had hinted at it in previous movies but it was cool to see it realised

The one thing I thought they dropped the ball on , was there was never any payoff for hulk. In Infinity war he couldn’t turn into hulk after thanks beat him. He never got the one standout scene in this one where he redeems himself as the hulk.( I don’t count him putting on the gauntlet)

Thor as part of the guardians films has soooo much potential

The scenes with tony hugging Spider-Man and then Spider-Man’s goodbye were very touching

Really glad that they barely featured captain marvel. She is way too over powered. Seeing her get the best of thanks was just dumb

I do believe marvel movies will really miss the charisma prescience of RDJ as the face of their films.

Marvel needs to get a better music composer to do their music though. A really good score would of added so much to the emotional and tense scenes

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I absolutely loved that they went back in time to previous movies and so incredibly well done.


Grey Hulk was a nice, surprising twist I think he got a bit overlooked though too

The one problem they’ll have going forward is that the new faces of Marvel, Captain America/Falcon, Hawkeye and Captain Marvel are all vanilla personalities, without established side characters. Black Panther is saved by his side characters. Spiderman carries a lot of pressure to carry the Earth-based Avengers and he’ll be missing that Ironman/Spiderman relatioinship, Doctor Strange has a bit of that RDJ loveable bravo about him. Paul Rudd will always fun as Ant-Man.

I’m glad Vision is gone, although I feel they wasted both him and Ultron big time. Scarlett Witch is in no-mans land.

Guardians + Thor (AsGuardians) will be an awesome combo can’t wait for their film.

It was absolutely brilliant.

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Agree. A movie with hulk in it where nothing gets smashed? Very annoying. That was the only thing that I didn’t like about it mind you, what a film!

This movie is everything I wish Star Wars would be.


I also loved cameos from actors from Community.


I saw it Wednesday morning and I’m still thinking about it! This movie had so many memorable moments in it. I can’t wait to see it again tonight.

I’ll do a better right up after the second viewing when I should be able to absorb a bit more. First time I was just in shock for 3 hours!!

I saw it Thursday night straight after Anzac Day game and honestly think I’m going to have to go watch it again Cos I was WAY too annoyed about the umpiring to enjoy the movie.


It felt like the series finale of a great TV show for mine. Most of the conflict and action was in the penultimate episode, with the finale spending time to give characters a nice send off.
I didn’t really expect it to live up to the standard set in Infinity War, and though it probably didn’t, it was absolutely awesome.

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of turning Thor into almost a purely comic relief character. It undercut his few heartfelt moments for mine.

The ‘let’s put all the women in one shot’ moment felt pretty corny - but then they kicked ■■■ so I’ll give it a pass. Plus it’ll infuriate the man-babies of the internet, which is always a bonus.

Might have to go see it again to really take it in

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How many were there? I only noticed Shirley and Chang.

They had to make up for not having any in Infinity War!

Abed was in Winter Soldier