Bachar Houli

Just remembered that we did not get anything from Richmond when we lost Bachar.

Why was that? Tiges got him in the PSD…

We were being difficult again. We wouldn’t even accept the very generous pick 85 they offered us.


I always like what Bachar brought to the table despite his failings and I was disappointed when we lost him, not to mention losing him for nothing. Has to be said his weaknesses weren’t on display today and he surprised me with his bravery a few times. Good on him.


Houli leaving gave us a list spot for Hibberd if I’m not mistaken. IMO Hibberd is a better player but happy for Houli, he found a regular spot & now won a flag. Great outcome for him.


Houli wanted to go to Richmond. We just wanted something in return.
They offered us a pick in the 40s, but we wanted more.
He ended up walking to the PSD for nothing.
We could have had Brad Helbig! Funnily enough, I believe we were chasing him at the time and Richmond pulled a big FU by taking him one pick before us and with the pick they offered us for Houli.

And for the revisionists…
Houli didn’t want anything to do with the club. Knights barely played him and when Hird got appointed, his first job was to do his best to try and persuade Houli into staying at the club. The damage had been done and he couldn’t be persuaded.


Poor man’s Connor Mckenna.

That being said you just need a well coached bunch of young men in their prime to win a flag. Not footballs version of dad’s ■■■■■■■ army.

Only an one eyed Essendon supporter would think that. Houli is by far the more complete player an occasional McKenna dash aside.


Don’t start this ■■■■…

Congrats Bachar

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Houli cops it here but that’s only because he’s a ex player. He’s been a very consistent player for a long time


Lucky Hobert hung around!



Best match he has ever played. Certainly made me eat some humble pie. Actually looked tough at times.


Should’ve won the norm smith. Would’ve gone well with our 5 all-aussies, moty winner and rising star.


Yeah I’m bitter.

So you’re saying we shouldn’t get too attached to Begley?

I always thought he wasn’t brave enough over the ball for a long AFL career, but he has proven me wrong. He was among the top three players on the ground today in my opinion.


begley makes space for DEVON SMITH

Thought he should have won the Norm Smith today, probably if he had kicked straight.

He was very good and I was very happy for him. Wish he was still a Bomber.

He is an elite player.


Best game he has ever played.

I wanted to keep him but as stupid as it sounds i don’t reckon he’d be getting a game at essendon.

I know that sounds ludicrous but who would he replace from our team this year? Kelly and mckenna would be picked ahead of him.

He’ll be eternally grateful he went to richmond and you can’t criticise his decision

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