Bad haircuts

I start back at work next week after nearly a month off, so I thought it would be best if I get a haircut. I shaved this morning for the first time, so generally I was looking pretty scruffy. I went to my usual barber, but he is away at the moment, so I risked going to one of the $20 joints at the shopping plaza. After all, I thought, how hard can it be to do a short back and sides, trim on top?

I told her what I wanted and she asked if I wanted my sideburns trimmed too. They only come down to the base of my ears, nothing too outrageous, so I said just tidy them so they are even. She said ok and proceeded to shave them off above the top level of my ears and then cut the rest of my hair to about 10mm length all over. Seriously, my wife did a better job trimming my bonce during lock down and she’d never done it before and had already had several gin and tonics at the time.

Perfect start to a new position at work next week. I’ve had small sideburns for about 15 years so I look weird when I see myself in the mirror now.

Feel free to share your horror stories of when haircuts have gone wrong.


I once cut my sack when I was shaving…not sure if that counts as a haircut though?


It counts as a horror story, so close enough.


Lucky you didn’t cut your butt cheek as well.

If left unattended, that can cause arsenick poisoning.


Simple solution is to cut your own fkg hair like a real self sustainable human being.


I haven’t had my hair cut in 14 months now

It needs a cut but it took me so long to grow these glorious locks


I cut my own hair. And have done for the last 15 years. Saved tons of money, and I like having really short hair. So it’s a win win

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The barber I normally go to is an Iraqi refugee that has a young family and is a trying to set up a new life in Australia, so I’m happy to pay $25 a month to get a haircut. I’m starting to go silver on top, but once it starts getting to comb-over territory I think I’ll just go the buzz-cut from the wife.


the sense of satisfaction from pulling off a haircut that looks somewhat not completely garbage is second to none.


Getting laid is more satisfying.


Probably not after you’ve just accidently cut your plums like @efc1robbo.


Everyone knows you can’t shave over warts without bleeding.


Definitely the right move. There is nothing more pathetic than a comb-over. Except perhaps a rug.

Since March I’ve been cutting mine in the backyard without a mirror. It’s simple if going buzz cut, but not really too hard to style it. Currently I’m going with a ‘textured crop’ - think Chris Hemsworth from Thor Ragnarok (minus the beard)

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:rofl: would it be right to guess that if you got no mirrors there’s no such thing as a bad haircut?

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Well, no mirror during the cut.

I can see my reflection in a window which is closest to the power point, but I need to take my glasses off while I cut (and Thor doesn’t wear glasses as you would know).

Take a look in the mirror, if you see a rough patch, knock it out with the scissors.

Only part I can’t do is the clean shave along the neck line at the back.

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Legit thought you were a virgin :rofl:

Pro tip - if your not a misogynist, women will talk to you :wink:

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I’d never cut my hair before, it’s medium length and very thick (and very very grey).

During lockdown I got some clippers and gave myself a no 1. Never done it before, even when I was a kid.

Not sure I’m going to go back. It’s very convenient.

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You can fine tune it pretty quickly too.

Go a little shorter on back and sides, and it’ll look even better