There’s nothing better than a good bakery. Or alternatively a fancy hotel buffet breakfast where you can load 6-8 pastries on a plate at once.

Danishes, chocolate croissants. Magnificent.



I’ve never understood why cafes don’t do the a vs b tip thing more often.
I’d be a sucker for it every time.
So for the Essendon Bakery chain, ‘Who do you hate more, xxxx Carlton or Collingwood?’

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amen brother.

everyone’s bakery near their home is the best, mine is no exception.

coffee is top shelf, filled donuts ace and the bread selection is :ok_hand: I just wish it was walking distance.

Northern European hotel buffet breakfast with that large range of different breads. Superb.

nhu lan bakery footscray. phenomenal.

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Fark Carlton bread comes in a brown paper bag.
While Collingwood bread has the crusts removed due to lack of teeth.
Essendon bread is either a very high tin loaf or flat bread depending on our last game.


I googled “syringe in bread” and there’s more results than I expected…

I cant believe anyone would move to a suburb that doesnt have a quality Vietnamese bakery in it. Where do they get their pork rolls from?

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Bakeries do donuts better than anybody else.

The choc iced ring donut at the bakery down the road, would be close to my favourite food.

I love sausage rolls, too. And chocolate croissants, ooh and those hotdog-in-a-croissant things.

Yeah… I also love a good bakery.


Is there anyone who doesn’t love a sausage roll? (Vegos excluded obviously).

If you’re at a house party and there are home made sausage rolls, if doesn’t matter if you’re 4 or 94, those are the first things you’re eating.


Having been involved with Bakers Delight for a period of time, I’d have to say their sweet range is pretty good.
Not country bakery good, but still good.

A well made custard scroll is heaven.
Or, a slice of fresh Boston Bun with your morning coffee !


If we’re talking tiny regional bakeries, hit up the Bruthen Bakery sometime. Phenomenal.

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There’s a good bakery right in town. Ok it doesn’t actually bake bread so maybe “cake shop” is more accurate. It’s called CBD Bakery, on Bourke Street between Queen and William.

Pies and sausage rolls are excellent. Good selection of slices and donuts. And I even got a huge chocolate crackle from there. Took me back to childhood birthday parties. Everything’s made on the premises. Solid recommendation.

So frustrating that they dont have a hot range. Brumbies sausage rolls are pretty good. Reckon Bakers Delight need to get on board.

The old grab a Ferg and plairre sausage roll after school. Was a highlight.


Have always been jealous of country Victorian bakeries but we have a joint here in town that supplies all the good cafes during the week and opens to the public on Saturday mornings only. There’s now a line out the door 30-deep and they clean out in a few hours. Most amazing fruit loaf you’ve ever seen.

I’ve walked past this place a number of times but never tried it. Will give it a crack on your recommendation.

Frankston has become the home of the grilled pork Banh Mi. So many quality bakeries adding to my waist line

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If a bakery can’t do a quality meat pie then its not a bakery.

Gusto in Moonee Ponds & Strathmore are very good.


There used to be a really good place on puckle street that was a Vietnamese bakery. Their vanilla slice was worth a 30 minute drive imo.

10 years or so ago. Maybe more.

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