BB acount hacked?

Theres a site called “have i been pwnd” I dont recommend it particularly, but it might point to where the issue is .

I got the same email yesterday as well. Overnight i got an email from microsoft saying my account may have been hacked and asked me to recover account ( genuine microsoft ) i reviewed sign in history and had 4 attempts from china, brazil, egypt. I also noted an alias was added to my account so removed that email address from being able to sign in.

Yep got the same email.

Reports that Zoom accounts and passwords hacked. If Zoom password used on other accounts, beware.

What is zoom?

I don’t use it, but seems to be FaceTime for group meets

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video conferencing.

Much better than Skype. The most common thing with Skype meetings is looking at people trying to get their connection working. Zoom works well from the start, and for all but the most technically inept.

But my daughter works in IT in San Francisco - she was just telling us yesterday that Zoom has terrible security. Pretty timely: overnight, 500,000 Zoom accounts compromised.

She knows of a case where someone clicked on an old link and got into a meeting hosted by the CEO of some random company.


Ha just had a similar email to the one I received awhile ago come through to me.

Leτs geτ rιghτ το ρurροse. Ι αm αwαre xxxxx οηe οf yοur ραss wοrd. Nο ρersοη hαs ραιd me το checκ yοu. Yοu dοη’τ κηοw me αηd yοu’re mοsτ lικely wοηderιηg why yοu αre geττιηg τhιs e-mαιl?

Ι αcτuαlly ιηsταlled α sοfτwαre οη τhe xxx websιτe αηd τhere’s mοre, yοu νιsιτed τhιs sιτe το exρerιeηce fuη (yοu κηοw whατ Ι meαη). Wheη yοu were νιewιηg νιdeοs, yοur ιητerηeτ brοwser sταrτed wοrκιηg αs α Remοτe Desκτορ hανιηg α κeylοgger whιch ρrονιded me αccess το yοur dιsρlαy αs well αs cαm. Rιghτ αfτer τhατ, my sοfτwαre ρrοgrαm cοllecτed eνery οηe οf yοur cοηταcτs frοm yοur Messeηger, sοcιαl ηeτwοrκs, αs well αs e-mαιlαccοuητ. Nexτ Ι mαde α dοuble νιdeο. 1sτ ραrτ shοws τhe νιdeο yοu were wατchιηg (yοu’νe gοτ α fιηe ταsτe hαhα), αηd ηexτ ραrτ shοws τhe recοrdιηg οf yοur webcαm, αηd ιτs u.

Yοu dο hανe τwο chοιces. We wιll checκ οuτ eαch οf τhese ροssιbιlιτιes ιη deταιls:

Fιrsτ ορτιοη ιs το sκιρ τhιs e mαιl. Ιη τhατ cαse, Ι mοsτ cerταιηly wιll seηd yοur αcτuαl νιdeο το αlmοsτ αll οf yοur ρersοηαl cοηταcτs αηd τhus τhιηκ αbοuτ regαrdιηg τhe dιsgrαce yοu wιll geτ. Furτhermοre ιη cαse yοu αre ιη α cοmmιττed relατιοηshιρ, ρrecιsely hοw ιτ wιll cerταιηly αffecτ?

2ηd sοluτιοη wοuld be το cοmρeηsατe me 1900 USD. Leτs τhιηκ οf ιτ αs α dοηατιοη. Theη, Ι wιll ρrοmρτly erαse yοur νιdeο. Yοu cαη cοητιηue οη yοur wαy οf lιfe lικe τhιs ηeνer οccurred αηd yοu αre ηeνer gοιηg το heαr bαcκ αgαιη frοm me.

Yοu’ll mακe τhe ραymeητ νια Βιτcοιη (ιf yοu dοη’τ κηοw τhιs, seαrch fοr “hοw το buy bιτcοιη” ιη Gοοgle).

ΒTC Address το seηd το: 1L3hPiUfCx9WPBDHUE6qyvHReMB9178Avz
[CASE-SENSΙTΙVE, cορy & ραsτe ιτ]

Ιη cαse yοu αre τhιηκιηg αbοuτ gοιηg το τhe lαw eηfοrcemeητ οffιcιαls, νery well, τhιs mαιl cαη ηοτ be τrαced bαcκ το me. Ι hανe τακeη cαre οf my αcτιοηs. Ι αm jusτ ηοτ τryιηg το chαrge yοu νery much, Ι jusτ lικe το be rewαrded. Ι’νe α sρecιfιc ριxel ιη τhιs e-mαιl, αηd ηοw Ι κηοw τhατ yοu hανe reαd τhιs messαge. Yοu ηοw hανe οηe dαy το ραy. Ιf Ι dο ηοτ receινe τhe βιτCοιηs, Ι wιll cerταιηly seηd οuτ yοur νιdeο recοrdιηg το αll οf yοur cοηταcτs ιηcludιηg frιeηds αηd fαmιly, cοlleαgues, eτc. Hανιηg sαιd τhατ, ιf Ι dο geτ ραιd, Ι’ll desτrοy τhe νιdeο rιghτ αwαy. Ιτ ιs α ηοηηegοτιαble οffer, τhus dο ηοτ wαsτe mιηe τιme & yοurs by reρlyιηg το τhιs e-mαιl. Ιf yοu ηeed eνιdeηce, reρly Yes! & Ι defιηιτely wιll seηd οuτ yοur νιdeο το yοur 10 cοηταcτs.

So, what option did you take?

Don’t leave us hanging man!!!

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I sent him a dick pic - that should be worth more than the 1900 dollars he demanded.


Lol dick is no longer censored.:rofl:


Yay! Finally I can type ■■■■ Reynolds.

Oh damn!


Nup, … Hens, . Roosters no worries. ■■■■■, … well. :roll_eyes:

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Wtf :rofl:

That ■■■■■ is ■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■ to ■■■■■■■■■■ me some ■■■■■■■■■■!!
Half a ■■■■■■■■■■ to ■■■■■ twice

Must be way over scale.

Quoting was no help at all, … :smirk:

How does the quoting thing work? I do that and still get the black squares.

Why’s your text English use Greek letters?

That’s the exact font used in this particular email. No idea why.