BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


My thoughts echo Eggs’


I’d be against the ruck hotswapping. I think it’s just tough luck.


The suggestion isn’t just ruck hotswapping though, right? It would apply to any dual position player?

If it was rucks only I’d be against it, as it’s a change that advantages too few coaches. If it applies across all dual position players I think it benefits most if not all squads? I’ve done no research to back up that thinking.



Nothing worse than having a C as a late out, when you’ve got a FC in the forwards, a F on the bench in reserve, no backup C on the bench and have to cop a zero.


Yes correct it’s just not for rucks I’m proposing the change for. Mids, backs and forwards would get the same treatment.


So how would it work in practice? Say for example I have the following scenario:

BF in the backline
RF in the ruck
FC in the middle
F - Misses.

On the bench:

Can I specify what moves I want to make? i.e

Ruck to forward line, spare ruck in?

Or do you just do what moves necessary to get the first reserve player in? i.e.

Back to forward line, bring in back?

Or would the spare F just come in?

Seems like it could get very complicated.


No one wants to talk rookie list do they?



I suggested it last year actually :).

I still think it comes down to the basic problem of however you do it, it still makes the top teams stronger. The only way it wouldn’t would be if you only allowed it for teams outside the 8 or something.


I think it works for everyone and increases the value of the draft slightly which is a good thing.


I don’t really see how it increases the value of the draft, you’ll have to explain that one to me :). Makes the draft shallower really.


I think the existing rules are working out okay and teams are generally cycling through being good/■■■■.
Melk/WOB used to be powerhouses and now losing steam, RB used to suck and now looks like he’ll be a contender for a few years.

I think we’d mess up the balance if we throw rules like rookie lists / hotswapping players


It just means you can park a few more 18 year old second rounders you rate but who need time to come good while also holding a more mature core of 20 players on your keepers list.

And with that said yeah it is clearly a leg up for currently strong teams but I think it would also help to accelerate currently developing teams by enabling them to hold a few young investments for longer.

I’m not back at 100% yet as you may be able to tell so I’m probably not arguing this as strongly as I good be.


The back as first emergency would come into play to replace the BF who has moved forward to replace the forward who is out. So the order of your of your bench becomes important. If you had the R at Emg1 he would come in with the RF moving forward.

Arguably it will be simpler because it’s more likely the first emergency will come into the team given the number of dual position players.

If this rule was in place I would have changed my Grand Final starting lineup. I put Alex Neal-Bullen CF on the bench as cover incase a mid missed and picked players in the forward line who I wasn’t as confident in. As it turns out he replaced Greenwood as a forward and was part of my 18 anyway.


I’d vote to go back to 5 c’s but I’m not sure anyone else agrees. I hate the format we have run with the last two years


My interest in trying to identify and hold young talent certainly suits Ivans suggestion. But after reflecting on it last year, i settled on keeping the 20 player structure and voted that way. Really, our job is to build a winning team within the League framework.

I do feel like a bit of a nursery for the comp, each year I’m trying to guess which of 4 or 5 kids to cut loose and a few coaches each year have noted that they’re perusing my list to see which kids might be in the draft. But thats the game and no-one forces a strategy on anyone else. I run the risk that the kids wont come on and that’ll make a tough year. But if/when they do i could “suddenly” have a 20 man keeper list of immense ability. And if my assessment of the talent is decent, i should get a few trade offers for guys in that 16-24 list range.


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I dislike as well!

There are couple of reasons for the delay. Doing it all in one hit is huge - I forget every year. Also my spreadsheet crashed - fortunately i only lost the last 3 rounds and I can work back from word doc I transpose into before posting in here. Also I’ve signed up for a sleep study tonight so I can’t spend all night doing the count.

Anyway it helps to build suspense!