BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


Hope all is well H.


Binked Awards 2017

Best Clubman
Jack Crisp
Jack had a solid 2017, playing all 22 games. He slightly improved his average from 2016 and gained a new role off the half back flank. Not the flashiest of players but does his job every week and is very much a set and forget. Hopefully will retain his B status for 2018 and add some much needed scoring power back there.

Most Improved
Clayton Oliver
Clayton wins this award by the length of the Flemington straight. Going from 13 games for an average of 69 in his first season, to 102 across 22 games is huge. In his draft I was disappointed that Hopper didn’t last until his pick, lucky for me I was saved from myself.

Best Draftee
Braydon Preuss
In what was probably my worst ever draft this award came down to Preuss v Mountford. The difficulty of finding rucks gets him the nod along with the fact that North is clearly looking beyond Goldstein. Had an impressive pre-season, and carried that form into the season proper with 2 100+ scores at the start of the year. Was dropped from the team and form was up and down, but looks to be a solid ruck option into the future.

The Binky

Joint 2nd Place
Luke Shuey - 66 Votes
Much like West Coast itself, Luke had an up and down in 2017, starting strongly and seeming to fade a bit as the year went on. Still managed to maintain an average of 99 and helped carry a weak midfield.

Joint 2nd Place
Clayton Oliver - 66 Votes
A massive season for the second year player sees him place an equal 2nd in the Binky. Oliver had an amazingly consistent season with a lowest score of 81 and a top of 135, 10 of his scores broke through the 100 barrier this year and Binked can only hope this kind of form will continue for years to come.

Adam Treloar - 86 Votes
Treloar has been a consistent vote scorer since his debut season only once finishing outside the top 3 and is justly rewarded with his second Binky. Polling votes in 20 of 22 games and boasting an average of 108 taking out the B&F is just reward for yet another quality season.

Season Summary

What went right?
Aside from Clayton Oliver, not much. After a slow start, Ben McEvoy got back to his best form (ironically around the time that I complained he used to be a good player) and after some more injury trouble Dom Sheed started to get back to his best. After knocking back a number of enquiries for Vlastuin I was feeling pretty stupid, however after returning to the Richmond lineup in round 17 he put a string of solid scores together that indicates my faith may finally be rewarded in 2018.

Ryan Clarke found some good form off the HB line towards the end of the season, Braydon Preuss looks like turning into a quality ruckman in the coming seasons, Walla maintained his average after moving to the forwardline and Dean Towers seems to have finally solidified his spot in Sydney’s best 22 despite a slightly lower average.

What went wrong?
In short, the draft. Binked’s worst draft performance ever failed to improve the best 22 altogether, this coupled with the decline of a number of players and injuries to others has led to a very disappointing season and an 8-11 W/L that frankly flatters the team.

Tom Liberatore has gone from a player who averaged 100 back in 2014 to a dismal 72 in 2017, it’s tempting to blame his 2015 knee reconstruction for this drop in form and scoring power but my belief is it’s more likely to be the change in coach.

Tommy Sheridan looked to be turning into a dashing half back 2 years ago, but his inability to hold a position in Fremantle’s 22 this season is seriously worrying.

Mitch Honeychurch continues to tantalise me, he doesn’t seem to have to the coach’s confidence and needs to put in half a season of VFL dominance before getting a game, at which point he plays 2-3, gets injured and is not seen again.

Going forward
The what went wrong section of this review could probably go for several more pages, but what’s the point :slight_smile: . Some big decisions need to be made at Binked… since the debut season we have been a middle of the road team and nothing has really changed in the seasons since and some hard decisions will need to be made in the coming off-season. The top end talent is good enough, but depth is severely lacking and as with Essendon, too much is left to too few. A number of players have stagnated or gone backwards and too few have gone forward.

End of 2017 Best 22
Backs: Jack Crisp (BC), Brodie Smith (B), Tom McDonald (BF), David Astbury (B), Nick Vlastuin (B)
Mids: Adam Treloar ©, Clayton Oliver ©, Luke Shuey ©, Dom Sheed ©, Tom Liberatore ©, Josh Caddy (CF), Kyle Langford (CF)
Forwards: Mitch Honeychurch (CF), Ryan Clarke (CF), Ed Langdon (CF), Dean Towers (F), Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (BF)
Ruck: Max Gawn ®

Int: Ben McEvoy ®, Declan Mountford ©, Tommy Sheridan (B), Will Setterfield ©


Count about to resume


@redbull thanks so much for doing the count, I really enjoyed it. Congrats Wez. For the Merchants it tells me that I won a huge number of games for a team with no good players.

@Birch19 great write-up. Love hearing people’s thoughts on the season, their squads and their competition. I’m intrigued to see what you do to try and break out of the middle of the pack. I’m here to talk trades if that’s where you decide to go.


Thanks Eggs.

I’ll definitely be trading, the question is whether I go for players or picks essentially, that’s what I’m trying to decide on.


Coodabeens’ B&F rubbished by Alex ‘Best Player of All Time’ Rance

The Coodabeens had their most successful season ever in their illustrious mediocre disastrous six-year history, winning a final for the first time.

After years of pain, coach Come Back Hirdy praised the resilience of the team’s fans, and thanked them for sticking by the club.

Somewhat embarrassingly, this speech came just before the final membership number announcement, which revealed that the club had zero members in 2017.

“It turns out that we forgot to send TrevorBix his membership renewal form, and he was our only member last year,” a source close to the club revealed.

“And then we drafted a ruckman who hasn’t gone through puberty [Tim English] with our first pick, so it’s little wonder nobody new signed up either.”

That was only the first controversy of the night, with a visibly intoxicated Alex Rance overheard claiming the B&F was worthless.

“I was All Australian captain FFS,” said Rance, allegedly. “Surely I can win the crappy award of some rubbish fantasy football team. The whole ■■■■■■■ world is biased towards ■■■■■■■ midfielders.”

When asked the secret of his team’s climb from 13th to 6th in one year, Come Back Hirdy said the answer was simple. “Lack of injuries. We were very lucky with injuries this year, and that’s the only reason we did so well.”

“Based on our current trajectory, we’ll have even fewer injuries next year, and will easily win the flag.”

Asked if he would be taking any further steps to try to break into the top four for the first time ever, the coach said, “No, definitely not. That would defeat the purpose of this team, which is to lose regularly, so that some guy can write rambling, facetious, fictitious press releases for the internet.”

Lindsay Tanner Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence: Final votes

Matt Crouch (200)
Jake Lloyd (163)
Nat Fyfe (156)
Dan Hannebery (150)
Lewis Taylor (117)
Touk Miller (108)
Daniel Rich (107)
Lachie Whitfield (105)
Lachie Weller (100)
Zac ‘Useless Log’ Smith (99)

Rance finished 17th.


Try doing 5-4-3-2-1 for every game! It’s taking me hours and hours and hours!


Feel your pain. I use a spreadsheet which takes all the players scores and overlays the match results. Then filter to get the vote getters out manually. Fun times!


I use a spreadsheet too, I’m just manually putting in my votes for every game. Takes at least 10 minutes per round for mine and aimed to do it pre grand final but that has blown out to early next week as I’ll be watching the game tonight and Essendion + movie tomorrow night. Next year I’m promising myself to do it round by round as the year goes on.


I did that the first year when our comp started. But since moving to UF I just do it at the end of the year. The data I download for the votes is used for other things as well like games played. I’ve got so much data just need to find time to do something with it all!



Darcy b.loody Lang just furthered muddied the list management waters, lol. 120 points in a Semi final. probably his best score ever!


Happy with the late season Wigg pickup now.


He pushed out others in my keepers last year, then I held on to him nearly all season, only to run out of patience just in time for you to pick him up.

Still, if I didn’t drop him I probably wouldn’t have picked up Bonner, so I might not be too far behind.


I have started a new thread with the current draft order.


6 picks inside 35, woooot. ■■■■■■, shallow draft pool, booooooooo

My task is going to be made more complicated by the fact that Essendon isn’t going to figure in the draft so I imagine the predraft discussion and debate is going to be well down on previous years.


Don’t forget there should be some decent players thrown back into the draft pool.

Also I’m sure one of my none keepers might be off interest to you for a top 30 pick!


Torn on what to do with my list. My best 18 on paper averages just over 1400 with only 2 of those players being over 25, but that’s with Brodie Smith in who is going to be out for 2018. I figure I need to average close to 1500 to have a realistic shot, so do I rely on that coming from my existing players improving as they come into the peaks of their careers and trade in a couple of players to improve the bottom end. Alternatively I slash and burn and basically start over.

No idea.


I’m sure they will. I’m just having a whinge


Come to my trading emporium. We’ve got a special on my two first rounders.