BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion

I take it back, my list is the second worst I’ve seen…


I count 11 kps including ruckmen. To be fair Mumford, Gibson, Hurley and blicavs scored very well at various stages but not with me.

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Pick 41 - given this was @The_Ant’s original pick.

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At least your best player isn’t Logan Austin!


What sort of player will I be hopeful of picking up with my first 2 picks, 2 & 20? Better than Logan Austin?

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As a guide you can look at the previous drafts. You tend to see the high end draft picks go early and then the better discards before moving into a mix based on individual team requirements.

Here is last year’s draft results

And 2017



Below players still available if anyone is interested. All but Preuss going for pretty much any pick upgrade :).

Name Avg.
Braydon Preuss ® 0
Jordan Dawson © 67
Luke Brown (B) 62
Jason Castagna (F) 55
Cam McCarthy (F) 49
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Hey @redbull any chance we can get draft order thread updated? :slight_smile:

I have updated the draft thread. Word of warning is that I have done it manually on my phone so let me know if there are any issues.

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I traded pick 9 to Melk.

Mine look right to me, thanks mate :slight_smile:

Fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out. Had done it down to the bottom.

Just a reminder:

Final trades to be finalised by 6pm 8 March
Squads to be trimmed to 20 by 10pm 9 March
Afternoon of 10 March a spreadsheet with available players will be circulated
Draft to commence no later than midday on 11 March
Draft to be completed by Tuesday 19 March
Partial Lockout for Round 1 at 7.20pm Thursday 21 March


Updated list. Looking for picks for remaining players.
Currently Jones is well set in my 20, while 2-3 of the others will make my keepers, but open to trading for most offers before list submission.

Pretty happy to bring in Cunico and Dawson. Both fit my building list profile well and are just reaching an age, 22, where they will start to blossom (or bomb out). Both showed positive signs last year pushing up for senior selection with a strong 3 year scoring trend at the lower level.

Dawson is a glorious kick and moves around the ground very well. I reckon he could fill Josh Kennedy’s shoes once he fills out a bit more. At 192 he is the prototype modern mid who takes an extra year or two to come on. If he turns into a medium size hit up half forward who takes marks, kicks and tackles it will not be the end of the world.

Cunico is a nice size for a small mid and has a strong frame. Showed an ability to finish well last year and Geelong isn’t exactly overflowing with young outside midfield talent. Will hopefully improve on his 14 games and 72 dt average from last year. I like his vfl numbers.

Im still a couple of years away from knowing the final outcome of these trades but I hope these two, if nothing else, make list lodgement time next year a bit trickier. For the third year in a row I had no troublw highlighting more than 10 delistees at a glance.

It’s a pretty young midfield contingent with a bit of dual position flexibility.

Ross, Dunkley (C/f), harmes, Howe, Brodie, Aish(b/c), Cunningham (b/C), cunico and Dawson. With higgens Fogarty and Hayward likely to attract C status in the future and another high draft pick this year.

Hopefully within 2 years I’ll have 6 Agrade mids from that lot.

One more iron in the fire for trade period unless something unexpected happens. But content with the list if I’m done until draft time.


Good afternoon gents,

Sorry for my lack of communication so far this season, had a bit going on especially the last couple of weeks, but all is good now, thought I’d put my team on show and give you a look at some slim pickings for trades, looking more-so for draft picks. My keepers can be prized away for a great deal and I still haven’t really decided on my final 20:

Projected Keepers-
Devon Smith FC 107
Jack Viney C 91
Tom Hawkins F 88 (open to offers)
Jack Billings F 85
Luke Dunstan C 83
Christian Petracca FC 81
Tom Stewart B 80
Tom Bellchambers R 80
Chris Masten BC 79 (open to offers)
Mark Hutchings C 77 (open to offers)
Darcy Parish FC 75
Adam Tomlinson C 74
Tom Langdon B 74
Charlie Curnow F 74
Tom Doedee B 73
Andrew McGrath BC 71
Nicholas Coffield B 56
Eric Hipwood F 56
Darcy Cameron R 27 (50/50)

Looking to delist/trade away-
David Myers C 78
Darcy MacPherson F 71
Tim Membrey F 69
Nick Holman F 64
Mark Baguley F 63
Darcy Gardiner B 60
Sam Mayes B 58
Nicholas Shipley C 22
Tom Nicholls R 0
Joe Atley C 0

Apologies to the PM’s I haven’t responded to, I’ll get back to you asap. Welcome to the new coaches and thanks to the departing coaches. Looking forward to watching the lads again tonight and Fark Carlton.


Nice to see my new acquisition Jordan Dawson amongst the points in the first half.

Cunico didn’t get on the park last night so it balance out

I was keen to get a look at my last couple of potential keepers this weeked but unfortunatley most were unsighted.

Also I am still open for trades. Would even be open to trading one of my betters mids in return for strong scoring mid.

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These players are open to offers:

Marc Murphy C 97
Jack Steven C 97
Ben Cunnington C 94
Mitch Wallis FC 82
Jason Johannisen B 76
Ben Brown F 68
Lachie Henderson B 67
Darcy Lang FC 64
Majak Daw B 64
Marcus Adams B 62
Pearce Hanley B 60
Mitch Hannan F 60
Brandon Starcevich FC
Harley Bennell C 0
Jamie Elliott F 0


The draft order is now updated to reflect the trades completed to date. Please note I picked up an error in the 6th round of picks, this means that some of your picks in this round (between 91 and 108) may have been one position out. Apologies for this. - especailly to Birch19 and Ivan who’s trade was directly impacted - the pick exchanged has fallen back one spot.