BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Without Rozee, Caldwell was one of three I had written for my first pick. He’s going to be a star if injury allows imo


another first round pick up for burgoyne.


Happy with butters there. Most others I was hoping for at that pick were already gone.


Makes Pazza’s decision to pick Burgoyne with pick 2 in 2013 seem like a very wise decision!


That delisting of Burgoyne is probably one of the dumber moves I have made in this comp. Don’t know what I was thinking…


Was that after our first season?


Just had a look - @aceman will be Burgoyne’s 5th coach

  1. No 5
  2. Pazza
  3. WOB
  4. redbull
  5. Aceman


Texted cafegerat. Not that we’ve been waiting long at all, I’m just impatient

Edit: won’t be able to pick until around 3.30.


I will have to do some work soon if @cafegerat doesn’t hurry up and pick!


10 picks to go til my next one.

Potentially 60 hours. I need valium.


just got home, pick coming very soon.


Done. Jack Lukosius, happy with that at 15.


Hey @Aceman,. Great pick :+1::+1:


@TrevorBix and then @Ivan


Might take a couple of years but could be a bargain pickup.


Has anyone messaged that lazy c*nt @TrevorBix or is he too busy updating his personal excel sheet?


I am well aware its my turn, but I am choosing to take my time.


@ivan you may pick now.


Done. Papley, right age for the list, a midfield move looks on the cards. Fingers crossed. Who is next? I’m at the pool with kids if someone could ping then