BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Done. Was hoping Cousins slid in the other league, wasn’t wasting a chance here.


@stoops is up


Damn. It was a toss up between him and papley


Cousins was top of my list at 25. Didn’t think he would make it and once he went in the other league I thought he was no chance of slipping.


Wasn’t getting past my next so you went at the right time, CB. Actually considered him at my first.


I was taking him at 21 if he was still there


Not having a pick until #34 is terrible.


Damn, I sometimes wish some of you guys were sh*tter at drafting…


Thinking @ivan will pull the trigger on Dale Morris with this pick.


Thanks Ivan and The Ant. You’ve left me with 2 options for my pick - so will Bix help make the decision for me?


Good drafting @ivan , I reckon you’ve done very well so far.


I was hoping Bailey Scott might have been my next Josh Dunkley - who ironically is now one of Ivan’s players.


I’m not sure how Berry got to the FA pool.

He is a gun and had 18 games in to him last year at the age of 20.

Was he initially never picked up? or delisted?


Ummmm you may have his brother?


oh ■■■■. Really?


@redbull You’re up!


hahahaha. I do. ■■■■ it.


J.Berry is the gun. T.Berry is the brother


Cheers - now you have left me with a decision to make!


…who may also be a gun at some point. Averaged 20 disposals and a goal a game in the TAC Cup